Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome and an evening walk

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Last night I took my evening walk right at sunset.  The air was a little cool, but the wind was calm.  Just an absolutely beautiful evening.   You could hear the noises of the evening coming from a long ways away.  No traffic sounds.  Just God talking to me through his creations.  The blackbirds are not yet bedded down and are going through their mating rituals, which can be quite comical at times.  There is a crow calling its mate or mate to be.  The sparrows are gathering in the trees for their night of rest.  Off to the south along the creek the turkeys are cackling amongst each other as they make their way to their tree-top roosting for the night.  Right south of where I am standing, a pack of coyotes are barking and yipping their way up the creek towards the turkeys who will probably be high in the trees, by the time they get there, out of harms way.  You can hear the cattle off in a distance pasture calling for their calves to come close for the night.  And there is a rooster pheasant calling out to all whom it may concern, that he is the cock of the walk.  Of course there is another across the section saying the same thing.  The trees are beginning to fill out with leaves.  The native Buffalo grass is beginning to green in the pastures,  soon to be summer feed for the cattle.

God did well when He put together this land we call earth.  There is always something good even with the bad.  He put thorns on roses even!

God Bless America and God Bless All who read this---johnnyb


  1. Aren't walks nice, even in the wee hours. Nice post, John.

  2. There is nothing better than a quiet walk looking at nature.