Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New family addition

We have added another member to our family this summer. Carol's daughter and family gave her a black lab puppy for her birthday. Bella is her name and she is fitting in pretty good. She is growing very fast. We have had her for about 6 weeks and has more than doubled in weight and tripled in size. She was born on fathers day. The other dogs are tolerating fairly well. The Lab/Doberman is still a little out of joint over the whole situation, but is doing better.
We have had a busy summer. The garden came back pretty good after the hail in June. Not our best year, but had enough to eat and canned or froze some. Getting the garden ready for next year now. Will be getting everything tilled and new straw put on.
We have decided to turn part of our garage into a cabin area for company to stay in. Started that project this week. Our house only has one bedroom, so it is a little inconvenient for company.
Our grandson graduates from Air Force boot camp tomorrow. The kids went down to San Antonio to be with him. We are dog-sitting with their two yorkies for the week. That has added to the dog excitement.
All for now. May God Bless all----johnnyb