Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Pictures

Added more pics today. We started hanging kitchen cabinets today. I will try to show pics of the kitchen in order since day one. The other pics are of the yard, garden, strawberry patch and the bathroom in progress. Forgot to take a finished pic. Next time! The part of the garden with straw has been planted.--johnnyb

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Time

Isn't it great! Spring has arrived and along with the usual things that transpire at this time of year, the wind has come with all of it's fury! But it is ok. Every day when I walk out and look at all the beauty that God has blessed us with. His presence is so overwhelming, especially at this time of year. I hope that everyone who reads this will take a few minutes, and just look , listen and feel that presence in our lives. Then we need to thank Him for the beauty that He has provided for us. It will give you a good feeling!

We are still working at the house. Getting closer day by day. We have been doing some work on the yard also. The lawn is in pretty good shape. We will be fighting the weeds all summer, but the grass is ok. We got some garden planted yesterday. Put in some squash, green beans, buffalo beans, and peas. To early for tomatoes yet. Will buy them this week, but not plant until the middle of May. We will have a fairly large garden, so it will keep us busy. The bathroom is just about finished. Would have been today, but was lacking a fitting for the water on the toilet. Maybe tomorrow. We plan on hanging kitchen cabinets this week. As soon as we get the base units set, I will be able to put down the vinyl. Seems like there is always setbacks. Yesterday I discovered a leak in the shut-off valve on the propane tank. Waiting for the propane people to get that fixed. I meant to take the camera today and get some pictures of the yard and others inside. Maybe tomorrow. I need to finish the photos, so will close. Besides that I just went brain-dead, and cannot think of anything to write.---johnnyb