Friday, April 29, 2011


Maybe spring is really trying to arrive! We have a couple of nice days except for the wind. At least the sun is shinning bright. Didn't get a lot of rain, but a little. All helps. Spent a lazy Easter, as you can see by the pics. Some didn't quite make it up for sunrise services.
Finally, with a little sunshine, some things that we planted are starting to come up. Some of the lawn that was seeded is peeking through. Also, potatoes, beets, and parsnips. Lettuce and spinach will soon become salad. The grape vines didn't survive the last blizzard 2 weeks ago, but everything else is ok.
Finally got started on our sleeping cabin in the garage. All the windows are in, and the floor joist are in. Will get the front door this weekend, then more progress can happen.
Thought for today---today is the tomorrow that you looked forward to yesterday!--Don't know who said it, can't take credit for it, wish I could, but can't------johnnyb

Monday, April 18, 2011

Another day

Started the week off by going to the lumber yard and getting the lumber to get started on the sleeping cabin. Spent the weekend cleaning the part of the garage that will be used for that purpose. There were quite a few cracks in the concrete floor that needed filling, so that is done. anxious to get started.
Last week we ordered some wildflower seed, (1 pound). Got tired of buying packets that had only a few seeds in them. They came in today so we planted some. Might get rain, so we wanted to get them in the ground. Also got some more grass seed in the ground. Never-ending job, especially when the dogs "help". They can't figure why I can dig, but they can't!
Hope the clouds will go away eventually and warm the ground for things to grow. Of course the weeds will grow also. Lettuce and spinach are growing well. Not ready yet, but growing.
time to go.--johnnyb

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring weather

Winter decided to visit us overnight. We had around 4" of snow. We need the moisture, but the wind that came with it was terrible. 50-60 mph straight winds that lasted almost 24 hours. Has finally subsided this evening. Don't know of any damage. We are a little concerned about the new grape vines. They are covered so hope all will be well. Most of the snow melted today. Temperatures supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow, so it should dry things out. Seems like there has been a lot of bad weather everywhere. All those who suffer losses are in our prayers.--johnnyb

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yucky Day!

Spring just gets going good and gets us in a mood to do the spring things and then we have another day of 40 degrees, windy and just plain miserable. Just makes me so mad I could eat ice cream! O well maybe we need a good day of rest. The dogs are even bummed out. They are all sleeping, (which is good) if we are all going to be confined to the house for the day!
We finished with our fencing projects yesterday. I have 1 gate to build yet. Will be similiar to the one in the picture. We may even build some fence out of the sticks later. It is kind of fun to do, and an unlimited supply of resources.
We have started seeding in more lawn. Never-ending process. Got the asparagus planted. Now just waiting for warm weather to do more.---johnnyb

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Spring is doing its best to arrive. 80 degrees a few days ago, 30's and 40's last couple. 70's today, but probably with gale force winds. Can't just have a nice day.
Got potatoes, beets, parsnips and onion seeds in the ground over the week-end. Have lettuce and spinach popping through the ground. I had planted those along the south side of the house getting good sunlight. Parsley is up and doing well. We are planning on having a large herb garden. I have started some rosemary in the house. It is about ready to be put in larger pots. I don't want to put them out just yet. Also some sage and melons are started in the house. We planted some fruit trees last week. Have some grapes we will put in this week. Also asparagus that we ordered is here, so will put it in also. Carol planted some flowers in front of the house. Sweet William that she planted last fall is up, as are the glads. We built fences around everything to keep the dogs from raising havoc. Was a long winter for everyone including the dogs. Now that the ground is not frozen, they are digging up any and everything.
Hope everyone who reads this is doing well and that you may be blessed in whatever you may do.---johnnyb