Friday, April 29, 2011


Maybe spring is really trying to arrive! We have a couple of nice days except for the wind. At least the sun is shinning bright. Didn't get a lot of rain, but a little. All helps. Spent a lazy Easter, as you can see by the pics. Some didn't quite make it up for sunrise services.
Finally, with a little sunshine, some things that we planted are starting to come up. Some of the lawn that was seeded is peeking through. Also, potatoes, beets, and parsnips. Lettuce and spinach will soon become salad. The grape vines didn't survive the last blizzard 2 weeks ago, but everything else is ok.
Finally got started on our sleeping cabin in the garage. All the windows are in, and the floor joist are in. Will get the front door this weekend, then more progress can happen.
Thought for today---today is the tomorrow that you looked forward to yesterday!--Don't know who said it, can't take credit for it, wish I could, but can't------johnnyb

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