Monday, April 30, 2012


And were off to the start of another week here in the middle of somewhere.  Seems like the weeks are flying by at a pace that I can't keep up with.  By the time I get my week organized and get started, it is gone and time for the next.  Oh well, I guess what I don't get done will still be there the next day or week.  The chicken coop is moving along.  I actually got some siding up this weekend.  We may use it for the quail and move the chickens in later.  Depends on when it is finished. 

I planted sweet corn last week.  Have a few more rows to plant.  The potatoes are coming along fine.  They came up kind of slowly.  At first it looked liked there might not be a good stand, but it looks better now.  Tomatoes will go in the ground in about a week.  Beans hopefully this week.  The lettuce was doing good.  Notice I said "was".   I forgot to shut the lid on the cold frame the other night and the bunny  "zombies" had a nice meal.  It will grow back ok. 

We have been dog-sitting the Yorkies for the past week.  Daughter is in the process of moving.  The other afternoon the small one tried to take the Black Lab's new frisbie away from here.  Wasn't a good move on his part.  Ended up with a bunch of stitches and an over-night stay at the vet.  Scared us half to death. We thought he was a goner.  It was nasty.  He is doing ok now.  Back to his old self thinking he is the big cheese of the bunch.  I guess he didn't learn his lesson. 

I suppose I should end this and get something done.  May be rain showers today.  We have had  a little moisture this past week, but more would be ok.

God Bless All ---johnnyb

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thoughts for Sunday

Adults are just kids who owe money
It is easier to preach ten sermons
than it is to live one

People are funny. They want the front of the bus,
middle of the road,
and the back of the church.

Opportunity may knock once,
but temptation bangs on your door for years.

Quit griping about your church
if it was perfect, you couldn't belong.

If the church wants a better pastor,
it only needs to pray for the one it has.

God Himself does not propose to judge a man till he is dead.
So why should you?

When you get to your wit's end,
you'll find God lives there.

God Bless All--johnnyb

Friday, April 27, 2012

Final Inspection

I'm sure this has been around, but I think it is something that should go around again.


The  Soldier stood and faced God,
Which  must always come to pass.
He  hoped his shoes were shining,
Just  as brightly as his brass..
'Step  forward now, Soldier ,
How  shall I deal with you?
Have  you always turned the other  cheek?
To  My Church have you been true?'
The  soldier squared his shoulders and  said,
'No,  Lord, I guess I ain't.
Because  those of us who carry guns,
Can't  always be a saint.
I've  had to work most Sundays,
And  at times my talk was tough.
And  sometimes I've been violent,
Because  the world is awfully rough.
But,  I never took a penny,
That  wasn't mine to keep...
Though  I worked a lot of overtime,
When  the bills got just too steep.
And  I never passed a cry for help,
Though  at times I shook with fear..
And  sometimes, God, forgive me,
I've  wept unmanly tears.
I  know I don't deserve a place,
Among  the people here.
They  never wanted me around,
Except  to calm their fears
If  you've a place for me here,  Lord,
It  needn't be so grand.
I  never expected or had too much,
But  if you don't, I'll understand.
There  was a silence all around the  throne,
Where  the saints had often trod.
As  the Soldier waited quietly,
For  the judgment of his God.
'Step  forward now, you Soldier,
You've  borne your burdens well.
Walk  peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've  done your time in Hell.'
Author  Unknown~

 It's  the Soldier, not the  reporter Who  has given us the freedom of the  press
It's  the Soldier, not the poet,
 Who  has given us the freedom of  speech.
It's  the Soldier, not the  politicians
 That  ensures our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of  Happiness..
It's  the Soldier who salutes the  flag,
 Who  serves beneath the flag, 
And whose coffin is  draped by the flag.

God Bless All--johnnyb

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Welcome to SciFiChick.  Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry about your mishap.
Hope everything works out ok for you.


I am all for research and development.  I am for any kind of research in the advancement of medicine.  But research into why we get brain freeze while eating ice cream!!!!!  I'm all for putting that money into cancer research, or diabetic research and JUST EAT YOUR FLIPPIN' ICE CREAM SLOWER!!!!!!!   Just thinking..........

God Bless America and not only just Americans, but everyone throughout the world--South Africa--Wales-Ireland-Russia-It makes no difference, Just God Bless you all.--johnnyb

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Morning Report

Good morning, one and all.  this is your trusty reporter coming to you, not from the KMOS studios in beautiful downtown *****, Kansas, but today we are reporting on site from the annual cow-chip throwing contest, barbeque, and 3 county flea market. (Not particularly in that order.)  Later, after the barbeque, there is usually a dance, if it can be called that.  By that time of night the musicians are in no condition to be playing any kind of music.  But then not many of the crowd is either.  Uncle Tom of Uncle Tom's Spa and Educational Film Studio fame usually provides most of the refreshments, and some of the later entertainment. I stopped by his tent a little earlier to check out the wares. Well some of the wares.   The wife was with me!  The "cider" looks really good.  Some of the aged bottles have yesterday's date on them. Some of the fresher stuff has tomorrows date on them.  He'll get rid of the "aged" stuff first.  By then the the other will be about right.  Or at least that is what they tell me!  (Wife still here!)   I'll check on progress here later.  Hee-Hee-Hee.

This is about the most exciting thing to happen around here lately.  Everybody been busy with spring stuff.  Of course Uncle tom is making sure he will have enough makins' for his "cider".  Ole Leroy down by the creek is getting his "garden" planted.  He told me he was going to try some different varieties this year.  He said the "ditch  weed" just ain't cuttin' it anymore. 

I guess there was an exciting thing the other night.  Richard Edward, more affectionately know as Dick Ed, was here from the city visiting relation.  They took him snipe hunting.  Now Dick Ed is not the sharpest pencil in the box, so I have no idea how long they left him out there holding that bag. 

Granny Smith is back from the doctor again.  Still having "female" troubles she says.  In this reporters opinion it is still that young doctor. Word around Uncle Tom's was that she wanted to get a breast enhancement.  One of the "guests", who shall remain nameless, thought it might be a little late, as they looked like bars of soap in a pair socks.  Not sure why, or how he is an authority on that. Didn't ask.  Didn't want to know.  Way too much information for this reporter.

Walking back through the crowd, I see they are getting warmed up for the cow-chip toss.  Oops, that one was a little fresh.  They really should move the chip toss a little farther from the barbeque pit.  Only my opinion.  Just thinking.....

This is your faithful reporter returning you to our studios in beautiful downtown ***** Kansas for our regular scheduled program--How to fix rattlesnake with just about anything. 

God Bless America--johnnyb

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dumbest fact of the day

Did you know that when you pinch the skin on your elbow, it doesn't hurt?  (Do I need to get a life)?

God Bless America --johnnyb

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome and an evening walk

Welcome to Heidi at Army Wife Prepper.  Thanks for stopping by.  Comments will always be answered.

Last night I took my evening walk right at sunset.  The air was a little cool, but the wind was calm.  Just an absolutely beautiful evening.   You could hear the noises of the evening coming from a long ways away.  No traffic sounds.  Just God talking to me through his creations.  The blackbirds are not yet bedded down and are going through their mating rituals, which can be quite comical at times.  There is a crow calling its mate or mate to be.  The sparrows are gathering in the trees for their night of rest.  Off to the south along the creek the turkeys are cackling amongst each other as they make their way to their tree-top roosting for the night.  Right south of where I am standing, a pack of coyotes are barking and yipping their way up the creek towards the turkeys who will probably be high in the trees, by the time they get there, out of harms way.  You can hear the cattle off in a distance pasture calling for their calves to come close for the night.  And there is a rooster pheasant calling out to all whom it may concern, that he is the cock of the walk.  Of course there is another across the section saying the same thing.  The trees are beginning to fill out with leaves.  The native Buffalo grass is beginning to green in the pastures,  soon to be summer feed for the cattle.

God did well when He put together this land we call earth.  There is always something good even with the bad.  He put thorns on roses even!

God Bless America and God Bless All who read this---johnnyb

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just a quickie!

One day I was walking down the beach with some friends when one of them shouted, "Look at the dead bird!"
Someone looked up in the sky and said," Where?"

Just a quickie!

God Bless America!--johnnyb

Thursday, April 19, 2012

God at His best

The beauty of spring.  God at His best.  The lilacs are very intoxicating this year.  Butterfly haven.

This is the view looking across the valley from our place.  Some may not think it beautiful, but we do.  Our bug-out area, not place, but area.  There are canyons within a mile of us that a person could stay hidden for a long time.  Will get more pics next time I'm out and about.

God Bless America and to each and every one of you,  May God Bless You.  The blessings are there.  We just need to ask for them.---johnnyb

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Either-- Or

I have had it.  I am finally going to say it openly.  You can be an African.  You can be an American.  Make up your damn mind and decide which one you want to be. You can't be both.  My Grandfather came from Sweden when he was 8 years old.  Never once did I ever hear him refer to himself as an Swedish-American.  He was always an American and damn proud of it!

Why would somebody whose ancestors have been in this country for 200+ years,  still use country of origin as their nationality?  Some probably don't even know where Africa.  Am I being too blunt?  No!  Just thinking....

God Bless America and if you are ashamed to use God and America in the same sentence,  then get the hell out, because we don't want you.---johnnyb

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Monday!!!!

Here we are ladies and gents.   Here we go again.  Another beautiful Monday morning for everyone to be off to face the world of trying to make until Friday afternoon  happy hour or three at the local watering hole, whatever it may be called.  Course maybe you are just trying to make it to Monday afternoon happy hour at the local  establishment .  Actually you went for lunch at the local choke and puke and decided to stay for their happy hour.  I have had Monday's like that.  Well actually, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays also.  That was a long time ago.  Ah the days of wine and roses (Four Roses actually). Couldn't live like that anymore.  I could probably tell some good stories if I could just remember them.  I must of had fun.  You can't feel that bad and not of had fun.  All in the past.  Long past.

Another wild week-end of storms to the east of us.  We just had hard straight winds for most of Saturday and Sunday.  My thought and prayers go out to those who lost in the storms, and to the families in Woodward who lost loved ones.  So tragic.  I hope Phelan is doing ok in South Central Kansas.  By her post they saw a lot of tornadoes, but didn't get hit by any.

We went to an auction on Saturday.  Bought a few things that we actually can use.  Carol was needing some bread  pans and was able to get some of those.  Got some plastic storage totes real cheap.  Always use those.  Also picked up some canning jars.  Our daughter and family came up from Central Kansas to spend the day and were able to pick up a few things they actually needed.  They then decided to stay over until Sunday.  We had a good time.  SIL and I did a little shooting.  He ha d a new piece he had just bought and had never shot, so we broke it in good.  He's in LE and this will be his new carry piece.  We had a good time with the grandson.  He is 6 y/o.  Big enough to do some things with, but still young enough I can still fill him full of BS.  (Fun BS).  Then in the afternoon, Carol's  sister and her husband dropped in.  Carol and her sis had a good visit.  I will leave the rest alone.  I don't have a description for it anyway that I could put on this post.

All said and done, it was a good week-end.  I hope everyone's week goes good.  If it doesn't, well damn.  Tomorrow will be another day.  The problem will probably still be there, but maybe you will see it another light and it won't be a problem!

God Bless America and to all those who legally live here.---johnnyb

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Liebster Award

This is an update or edit to my post on the Liebster Award.  This is an award given by bloggers to other upcoming bloggers of less than 200 followers.

Thanks to Rose at simpleeverydayliving for the award.  I appreciate it.  I appreciate all of the friends that I have made  since I started blogging a little more seriously.  

One of the things I am supposed to do is pick 5 up and coming bloggers.    My list of favorites is over on the side bar.  From A-Z,  It is hard to pick 5.  Some have received the awards before, and could get them again.  Everyone deserves the award.  I try to read all new posts daily if I can.  Some people hang it all out to dry, and others don't.  I like the openness and I like the mystery sometimes of what are they really saying.  Its all good.  If it wasn't, it wouldn't be on my blog list.   If you are not on my blog list, I may not know about you.  Maybe I just don't like you.  Just kidding, just kidding.  I probably would never say that.
My five are, in no particular order:
Take Joy, Take Peace
Double homestead
Survival in the Wasteland
Tall Tree, Short Rope
Challenged Survival

Another thing is to list 5 things you don't know about me:

1.  I met my future wife when she was a sudent in an Emergency Medical Technician class that I was instructor in.

2.  I like most all foods except liver and onions.

3.  I dislikeTV preachers that have more of the love of money, than love of God.

4.  I would have been happy living as a mountain man in the 1800's.

5.  Classic rock and roll, bluegrass and classic country are my favorite music, but will listen to most any music.

Think that about does it.  Once again, thank you Rose for the award.

BTW-After a subtle hint on a certain blog,  my archive list should be up.
God Bless All and God Bless America---johnnyb

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wants and Needs

Reading an article in the latest issue of Countryside Magazine got me to thinking (dangerous territory there).  The article, Summer Days of Tranquility,  kind of talks about our wants compared to our needs.  It starts off with an Irish proverb:" A dog owns nothing, yet is seldom dissatisified."  How true this relates to our lives or might I say a way of life.  How much "stuff" do we accumulate over the years that we don't really need, but was more of an impulse thing.  See it on the shopping network and just have to have it.  We know some people that have done a lot of that over the years.  They have every kitchen gadget known to man, and some not known.  A good set of knives will also suffice at times.  The best one was the watermelon slicer.  Let me tell you a knife is faster.  Don't get me wrong, all of this stuff is nice, but is it really necesssary?  To them it is.  To us, not really.  We don't have a big enough house for much more than a set of knives and a good food processor.  At least the knives will still work without electricity!

Kids today seem to have to be entertained by someone all the time.  No imagination at all.  My opinion--too many computer games and too much TV.  No way to stretch the imagination.  It is all done for them.  We didn't have TV when I was a kid, but our days were filled with the fantasies of riding the range with Roy and Dale, Gene Autry, and of course my all time hero,  Hopalong Cassidy.  Then there was The  Lone Ranger and Tonto.  Many times we had to  defend the farm from Indian attacks. Many times the stagecoach was robbed nearby the farm.   Many WWII battles were fought in the backyard, complete with cannons made from two sizes of tin cans and firecrackers.  We only did that once.  Mom didn't think it was a good idea!  Our grenades were small wild gourds with fircrackers in them.  That one really got shut down.  Parachuting off of the windmill with a sheet as a parachute, was not a good idea either.   The point here is that we made everything.  We didn't need all the fancy toys that could have been bought at the five and dime.  They would have been ok, but the folks couldn't always afford them anyway.  On the occasions when we did get a toy, it was a big deal.  Our guns and knives were made from wood.  We made them ourselves.  We were never bored, as I hear some kids say today.  We were always busy getting into some kind of mischief.   If Dad heard us say we were bored, he would find something for us to do,  and believe me that definitely wasn't fun.

I guess life was simple then.  Maybe our parents didn't think so.  But it was a simpler time.  I don't think we needed as much.  Our basic comforts were less.  Saturday nite in town was the big deal.  Stores stayed open late.  Adults gathered together to visit,  weekly shopping was done.  More community closeness. 

I don't know how to end this.  I could ramble on and on, I guess.  Some of these thoughts came from the article, but are also things that I have pondered on.  The article ended with-"Is it possible that we have lost something over the years?  Might we look back and regain something lost?  I think so."    My thought here is --yes we have lost something over the years,  but  can it be regained.  It would be nice, but............

God bless All and God Bless America--johnnyb

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coffee Quotes and Sayings

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.
Chocolate, men, coffee – some things are better rich.
Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised.
Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin !!
Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat.
No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee’s frothy goodness.
Coffee has two virtues: it’s wet and warm.
Espresso is to Italy, what champagne is to France.
I put instant coffee in a microwave and almost went back in time.
Coffee is not my cup of tea.
Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.
My blood type is coffee.
All the coffee in Columbia won’t make me a morning person
Coffee in England is just toasted milk.
There has never been a better office communication system than the coffee break.
I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine.
Mothers are those wonderful people who can get up in the morning before the smell of coffee.
Coffee makes us severe, and grave, and philosophical.
Retirement is one great big giant coffee break.
On the eighth day God created coffee.
Don’t criticize my coffee. You may be old and weak one day.
Is there life before coffee? There is NO life before coffee. There is life AFTER coffee !!
Coffee in England always tastes like a chemistry experiment.
If you’ll excuse me a minute, I’m going to have a cup of coffee.
I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.
No questions until I’ve had my second cup of coffee!
Don’t drink coffee in the morning. It will keep you awake until noon.
I make serious coffee – so strong it wakes up the neighbors !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome and word verification

Welcome to Russell1200 and to Kris.  Thanks for stopping by.  Comments will be answered.

I have once again shut off word verification.  I didn't realize it was on there.  I hadn't checked since supposedly shutting it off .  Sorry about that.  I despise that feature!!!!!!!  If it ever pops up please notify me.  I hate that thing!!!  Oops, already said that. But you get the idea.  I hate it. 
Thanks Astra for the heads up. 
God Bless America---johnnyb

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Morning.

We started on the new quail house this weekend.  Here the girls are helping me get the floor down and leveled.  They were so much help!  They just knew there was some sort of wild animal under the pallets, even though they had just "helped" me lay them out.  O the mighty hunters they are! We will get more done on it this week.

We helped our daughter in Nebraska with some painting on the house she is going to move into.  Hopefully her house will sell shortly.  Has some good nibbles.  It would be a relief to her if it would sell soon.  Another problem taken care of.

Not a whole lot to talk about this morning.  Haven't checked the news yet.  I don't see any mushroom clouds on the horizon so I assume Disneyland North hasn't done anything worse than usual overnite.  But then that could change in an instant. 

God Bless all and God Bless this fine country we live in called America. ---johnnyb

Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Sunday Paper

This is dedicated to all of us who are seniors, to all of you who know seniors,
and to all of you who will become seniors.

The irate customer calling the newspaper office
loudly demanded to know where her Sunday edition was.

"Madam," said the newspaper employee, "today is Saturday. The Sunday paper is not delivered
until tomorrow, on SUNDAY".
There was quite a long pause on the other end of the phone, followed by a ray of recognition
as she was heard to mutter,..."Well, shit, that explains why no one was at church either."

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sunny Saturday

Finally, a day dawns with crisp sunny skies.  We have had a few days of dreary weather.  The moisture was nice, but it is nice to see the sun again.    I don't know if it has been partly cloudy or partly sunny.   I'm going with the partly cloudy, since the sun always shines.  One of those weather peoples things I have never figured out.  We are actually having March weather now.  Temps in the 50's and 60's and of course still windy as can be.  There is a chance of a light frost tonite, so I will have to make sure I cover my tender parts, I mean plants.  Potatoes are coming up now, and so are the weeds.  As the plants grow I will mulch to keep the weeds under control.  For now it is manual weed control!  I am still amazed at how early some of the flowering trees are in bloom.  The lilacs are in full bloom and the fragrance is just overwhelming.    I can remember when I was younger, lilacs would be in bloom in May.  Sometimes even late May.  The past few years it has been getting earlier and earlier.  Some years even getting nipped by frost.  This is about the earliest though.  The red bud trees are blooming.  This is  a couple of weeks earlier than usual.  I won't mind it if there is a longer growing season.  I just don't want frost in August!  I know what some people are attributing it to, but I won't even go there.  I may need another prescription from  Stephen  if I get on that subject!

 Speaking of prescriptions, which I really wasn't,  the back is doing ok.  I have to be careful.  Still kind of stiff.  One of the causalities of growing older, notice I said older and not old.  Just because I could pick up and carry railroad ties when I was younger does not mean I should still do it.  The problem is, I can still do it, just not without inflicting serious bodily injury!  I guess it is a mind thing.  One part of my brain   thinks I am still in my younger years.  The rest of my brain and my body have yet to convince it of anything different.  Growing older is not a bad thing, it is just doing it gracefully,  that is the problem. 

I would like to pass on a Happy Easter, or Happy Passover.

God Bless all and GOD BLESS AMERICA---johnnyb

Thursday, April 5, 2012

This, that, and everything!

 I have been laid up for a couple of days with some back spasms.  Don't know what I did to start them off, but I was miserable for most of Tuesday.  Took some gooooooood medicine and slept a lot. Yesterday it seemed like every muscle in my back was sore.  Almost back to normal today, whatever normal is for 65.  I guess for me normal is just to wake up breathing on my own.  For others it may be a 5 mile run.  anyway, I am feeling better.

We have some moisture in the last couple of days.  It was well received.  The wheat is at a stage where it needed a drink.  Farmers have been getting their corn ground ready, so that will be going in the ground soon.  The weather has been too warm lately.  We've had quite a few days in the 80's and some over 90 degrees.  Too hot for this time of year.  Supposed to be more normal temps for a while.

Most of the strawberries have survived the transplant.  Raspberries, currents and blueberries are looking good.  We just have watch out for a frost.  We lost our grapes last year to a frost.  Didn't get them covered.    Beets, carrots and onions are up.  The garlic is looking good.  I need to get more garlic in the future.  I ended up with 2 1/2 quarts of dehydrated chives.  They have been dry-canned a put on the shelf.  All 3 jars sealed, just as they should.  Carol made home-made noodles this week.  She plans on putting up quite a few noodles.  The chickens are doing there end of the deal, so there are plenty of eggs for the noodles.

I had just started laying out things for our quail house.  Soon as the ground dries, I will continue on that.  It will be used for more chickens in the future.  It will be built with pallets.  I will add photos as time goes.

I just read where a school in Massachusetts took God out of the song GOD BLESS AMERICA.  They changed the song to say "We love the USA" instead.  When parents objected, they took the song out all together.  In a press release, the principal stated  they hope to ”maintain the focus on the original objective of sharing students’ knowledge of the U.S. States, and because of logistics, will not include any songs.”

"GOD BLESS AMERICA." I am not afraid to say it or write it in this blogsite.  If anybody reading this is offended,  please do not read any of my posts, because it will be included in every one I write from now on.  I don't think that there is any of my followers who think that way.  Matter of fact I would be just downright hornswaggled if there was.  My idea is--if you don't like God, and you don't like America, then get out.  I'm sure there is a place where you might be welcomed.  It might be in the mountains of Afghanistan or Pakistan,  but I'm sure you can find a place.  Just don't do it here!  If you are offended by a cross in front of a church, then don't travel that route.  I'm sick and tired of all this BS and it is time to stand up to it.  I will not apologize to anyone for my love of God.  He has always been there for me, and I plan on always being there for Him.
Once again I say, if this offends you, then please remove yourself from my follow list.

God Bless all, and GOD BLESS AMERICA---johnny

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday!!!!

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Monday!  Aren't I nasty?  I hope everyone has a good week ahead.  I have things planned, but the weather may change that.  We are having another windy day.  In looking at the weather this morning, it looks as if we may be playing "Dirty Thirties" by evening.  Blowing dust by late afternoon, and then a chance of rain later.  So it will be raining mud balls! 

I ended up with 2 1/2 pints of dried chives.  We will dry can them today and they should keep for a long time.  A friend brought us a horseradish plant yesterday.  They have more they will bring.  I had put in 9 starts last week, so with this I will have plenty next year.  The transplanted strawberries are doing well, as is the asparagus.  We have had quite a bit, and have been able to give some to a friend with some medical issues and is limited to what she can eat.

I have not looked at any news this morning, so I am still in a pretty good mood, except for the wind.  I'm sure if I turned on the tube, something would set me off!

College basketball NCAA tourney concludes tonite.  I hate to say it, but I hadn't picked my own team to be in the finals.  They weren't supposed to be that good.  Never was lucky in the gaming department.  Oh well,  may the best team win, whether or not they are you favorite team.

Enough rambling.  Didn't have a lot to talk about this morning.  Just wanted to say hello to all and God Bless--johnnyb

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Not much going on.  Beautiful spring day.  Not much wind, which is unusual.  Temperature are supposed to drop into the 60's most of this week.  We might even get some moisture.  Everything is greening up nice.  Lilacs are starting to bloom.  Way too early, almost a month too early.  Can't out guess Mother Nature.  I dehydrated chives yesterday.  We will dry can them tomorrow.  I put in some more horseradish plants this week.  Dug up a lot of ours this winter.  The cook at the local bar and grill makes a good sauce, and I am willing to let him.

I see that Wally-World is planning on lowering food prices in the next year.  This is good except it will make it hard on the mom and pop grocery stores, of which there still is some around the country.  After they get pushed out them W-W can charge anything they want!  I sometimes wonder if they are cahoots with the Government.  Just keep pushing the thumb down a little harder.  Oh well, what to do!

Everyone have a good one.  God Bless-johnnyb