Saturday, April 14, 2012

Liebster Award

This is an update or edit to my post on the Liebster Award.  This is an award given by bloggers to other upcoming bloggers of less than 200 followers.

Thanks to Rose at simpleeverydayliving for the award.  I appreciate it.  I appreciate all of the friends that I have made  since I started blogging a little more seriously.  

One of the things I am supposed to do is pick 5 up and coming bloggers.    My list of favorites is over on the side bar.  From A-Z,  It is hard to pick 5.  Some have received the awards before, and could get them again.  Everyone deserves the award.  I try to read all new posts daily if I can.  Some people hang it all out to dry, and others don't.  I like the openness and I like the mystery sometimes of what are they really saying.  Its all good.  If it wasn't, it wouldn't be on my blog list.   If you are not on my blog list, I may not know about you.  Maybe I just don't like you.  Just kidding, just kidding.  I probably would never say that.
My five are, in no particular order:
Take Joy, Take Peace
Double homestead
Survival in the Wasteland
Tall Tree, Short Rope
Challenged Survival

Another thing is to list 5 things you don't know about me:

1.  I met my future wife when she was a sudent in an Emergency Medical Technician class that I was instructor in.

2.  I like most all foods except liver and onions.

3.  I dislikeTV preachers that have more of the love of money, than love of God.

4.  I would have been happy living as a mountain man in the 1800's.

5.  Classic rock and roll, bluegrass and classic country are my favorite music, but will listen to most any music.

Think that about does it.  Once again, thank you Rose for the award.

BTW-After a subtle hint on a certain blog,  my archive list should be up.
God Bless All and God Bless America---johnnyb