Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday!!!!

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Monday!  Aren't I nasty?  I hope everyone has a good week ahead.  I have things planned, but the weather may change that.  We are having another windy day.  In looking at the weather this morning, it looks as if we may be playing "Dirty Thirties" by evening.  Blowing dust by late afternoon, and then a chance of rain later.  So it will be raining mud balls! 

I ended up with 2 1/2 pints of dried chives.  We will dry can them today and they should keep for a long time.  A friend brought us a horseradish plant yesterday.  They have more they will bring.  I had put in 9 starts last week, so with this I will have plenty next year.  The transplanted strawberries are doing well, as is the asparagus.  We have had quite a bit, and have been able to give some to a friend with some medical issues and is limited to what she can eat.

I have not looked at any news this morning, so I am still in a pretty good mood, except for the wind.  I'm sure if I turned on the tube, something would set me off!

College basketball NCAA tourney concludes tonite.  I hate to say it, but I hadn't picked my own team to be in the finals.  They weren't supposed to be that good.  Never was lucky in the gaming department.  Oh well,  may the best team win, whether or not they are you favorite team.

Enough rambling.  Didn't have a lot to talk about this morning.  Just wanted to say hello to all and God Bless--johnnyb


  1. Johnnyb,
    When you say you will dry can your chives, are you referring to putting them in a mason jar and using the vacum seal lid to suck out all the air? I've done that with dried apples and my canned dinners to keep them good.

    1. No. We pack the jars with whatever, dry beans, rice, oats, any grains. Put jars in oven without lids for about and hour. Have to look up the time. Bring them out and put lids on. They will seal. Dried grains will last a long time. I think we got the idea from Countryside Magazine, but there are web sites under dry canning.