Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Monday!!!!

Here we are ladies and gents.   Here we go again.  Another beautiful Monday morning for everyone to be off to face the world of trying to make until Friday afternoon  happy hour or three at the local watering hole, whatever it may be called.  Course maybe you are just trying to make it to Monday afternoon happy hour at the local  establishment .  Actually you went for lunch at the local choke and puke and decided to stay for their happy hour.  I have had Monday's like that.  Well actually, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays also.  That was a long time ago.  Ah the days of wine and roses (Four Roses actually). Couldn't live like that anymore.  I could probably tell some good stories if I could just remember them.  I must of had fun.  You can't feel that bad and not of had fun.  All in the past.  Long past.

Another wild week-end of storms to the east of us.  We just had hard straight winds for most of Saturday and Sunday.  My thought and prayers go out to those who lost in the storms, and to the families in Woodward who lost loved ones.  So tragic.  I hope Phelan is doing ok in South Central Kansas.  By her post they saw a lot of tornadoes, but didn't get hit by any.

We went to an auction on Saturday.  Bought a few things that we actually can use.  Carol was needing some bread  pans and was able to get some of those.  Got some plastic storage totes real cheap.  Always use those.  Also picked up some canning jars.  Our daughter and family came up from Central Kansas to spend the day and were able to pick up a few things they actually needed.  They then decided to stay over until Sunday.  We had a good time.  SIL and I did a little shooting.  He ha d a new piece he had just bought and had never shot, so we broke it in good.  He's in LE and this will be his new carry piece.  We had a good time with the grandson.  He is 6 y/o.  Big enough to do some things with, but still young enough I can still fill him full of BS.  (Fun BS).  Then in the afternoon, Carol's  sister and her husband dropped in.  Carol and her sis had a good visit.  I will leave the rest alone.  I don't have a description for it anyway that I could put on this post.

All said and done, it was a good week-end.  I hope everyone's week goes good.  If it doesn't, well damn.  Tomorrow will be another day.  The problem will probably still be there, but maybe you will see it another light and it won't be a problem!

God Bless America and to all those who legally live here.---johnnyb


  1. Yes it is Monday and I am not ready to be back at it yet. We really did nothing to brag about due to the storms this weekend so I feel like I am in a fog today. That means I didn't get my work out of my head and I am on overload.
    Maybe by Thursday I will be able to cope with this week.

    1. Crazy weekend here so am going to enjoy this Monday and get back to "normal" whatever that is. Have a great week!

    2. MDR--I hear you. I have been in the same frame of mind lately. Too many projects and so little time.

      Peggy--I have seem to lost the concept of normal.