Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Love of a Dog!

Sometimes I can get real irritated at our dogs. Then when I think about it for a bit I feel kind of bad for thinking that way. A dog has a deep sense of love that we as humans should take notice of. All a dog wants is your love and will give you its undivided love constantly. A dog will do anything for you to show and receive love, even to the point of giving its life for you. Doesn't this remind you of some one else? All God wants is our Love did everything He could to show His Love for us even to the point of sacrificing His Son for us. The next time your dog gives that "hey I love you, take me for a walk " look just think about that love, God's Love and your love for your fellow man.----John

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January in Kansas

Last Sunday I was in the back yard thinking about where I was going to plant what in the garden. Then I thought"You idiot it is only January", even though the temperature was in the 60's. Today I am looking out at a few snowflakes falling and a temperature in the middle teens. God must like messing with my head!