Sunday, July 12, 2015

Canning season

We started doing some canning this week.  We have had a couple of picking of green beans.  The next pickings will go to friends of ours who for one reason or another don't have any this year. This was the second picking

Then came kraut.  We made up 2-5 gallon buckets of kraut.  This is my sister-in-law threatening somebody with a knife,  I think it was her sister for taking the picture!  The kraut is working good already.  We have more to do.  will make Amish Slaw  with most of it.  We used 14 heads of cabbage for the kraut.  We picked it up at a garden for $2 a head.
 I get the job of packing the cabbage in the buckets.  Safer that way.  No sharp knives!!

Then came the beets.  Me and Ma doin' our thing!!  We might have a few more to do later.  Squash is starting to come on.  Tomatoes are running a little behind,

Sorry Kymber, but I had to post it!

We always  give credit to the One who makes this all possible.  Without His help this would not be possible.  One time we stood looking at our garden, patting ourselves on the back for our fine work.  2 hours later we lost it all to a hailstorm.  Coincidence?  Only one knows .

God Bless All.  johnnyb   

Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer has arrived

Summer has hit with a vengeance  this week.  Though it looks like we may have a break for the 4th.  A little rain yesterday.  Just enough to put off watering for a day.  We picked our first batch of green beans this week.  These we put in the freezer.  Some will be canned later on.

The outdoor canning kitchen is pretty much finished.  A lot of odds and ends things to finish, but it is usable.  It has been an interesting project.  I need to get a water hook-up for the sink and a drain.

I hope everyone has a good and safe holiday.  We are going to a cook-out at our daughters tomorrow.  Our son has been here for a week,  He is on summer break from his school job.  He is a para for a middle school.  It has been fun having him around.

God bless all--joihnnyb