Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trip to Great Bend

Tuesday we drove to Great Bend for a couple of days helping with grandkids. Carol's daughter Danna is on a business trip this week, so we are helping out. Always nice to spend time with the kids, tho sometimes they are a little trying. Has been fun. Tomorrow we will drive back to Oberlin. Today we drove to Salina to pick up a bathroom vanity that I had seen on my trip last week. My son, who is an emergency dispatcher in Great Bend was off for the day and rode along. My daughter also lives in Great Bend , but was working today. Nice drive over there and some pretty country. We did our usual drive and stopped at every small town and looked around. Found some interesting things in Brookville, KS. More on that later. Enough for now.

Thought for today--Don't get into a slapping contest with an octopus!--johnnyb

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Old friend

Tuesday I drove to Salina to meet up with a dear old friend from my Navy days. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida but was in Salina on business. It had been 41 years since we had seen each other. We have communicated regularly over the past few years, but had not met up. We had a great visit. A few things brought up that both of us kind of filed away. Some for a good reason! Our lives have take different paths. He stayed in the service for 26 years. But our visit was just as if we had gotten together at times over the years. I guess we had developed a friendship that was supposed to be and remain as such for the years. Almost like brothers. We hope to get together again with our spouses,(especially now that we have the stories out of the way that they didn't really want to hear about anyway)!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Daylight savings time! As usual we forgot to change all the clocks before going to bed last nite, but I think they are all set now. I just wish that the powers to be, if there is such a thing anymore, would just leave it alone. I see no reason to change back in the fall. Things have seemed to work for many thousand years with only one time. Get up with the chicken, eat somewhere in between, and go to bed with the chickens. If the sun is up and you are not then you are probably going to be late for whatever. If the sun is directly overhead, and you are hungary it is probably mid-day. If the sun is going down and you are still working, it is time to go home. l

All very simple! Life is too difficult. Eat when you are hungary and sleep when you are tired. We are expected to do to much in the few short hours of the day. CHILL OUT EVERYBODY, THERE SHOULD BE A TOMORROW! (Or at least I think there is supposed to be!)

Enough ramblings about nothing. My thought for the day is: If you hear a sea-gull, don't look up!--johnnybgood