Saturday, October 9, 2010

Neat skies

I just happened to catch these pics at the right time. Just some more of God's work. The beauty of it is overwhelming at times, and living in the country just makes it more accessible.
A little rain last night. Actually more wind than rain. Needed the moisture as it is a little dry.
Got some of the garden tilled up and straw spread. It is ready to plant next spring. Ordered some seed cataloges last week and they came within a couple of days. All I can do is just drool over them for a few months.
Keep up the faith. God will always be with you.---johhnyb

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New family addition

We have added another member to our family this summer. Carol's daughter and family gave her a black lab puppy for her birthday. Bella is her name and she is fitting in pretty good. She is growing very fast. We have had her for about 6 weeks and has more than doubled in weight and tripled in size. She was born on fathers day. The other dogs are tolerating fairly well. The Lab/Doberman is still a little out of joint over the whole situation, but is doing better.
We have had a busy summer. The garden came back pretty good after the hail in June. Not our best year, but had enough to eat and canned or froze some. Getting the garden ready for next year now. Will be getting everything tilled and new straw put on.
We have decided to turn part of our garage into a cabin area for company to stay in. Started that project this week. Our house only has one bedroom, so it is a little inconvenient for company.
Our grandson graduates from Air Force boot camp tomorrow. The kids went down to San Antonio to be with him. We are dog-sitting with their two yorkies for the week. That has added to the dog excitement.
All for now. May God Bless all----johnnyb

Saturday, July 31, 2010


We have been working at getting the outside of the house painted. Carol finished the front this week. Got all the windows cleaned and the storms put yesterday. Most of the rest of the house is done with exception of the trim and windows. Finally got the LP orfices for the stove this week, so that is fixed. Was not a problem to replace them, just a problem in getting them.
We have put up a couple of bird feeders around the house. Has been interesting watching the different kinds of birds that use them. Sparrows, finches, woodpeckers. The doves eat off the ground under the feeders. Earlier in the week a couple of families of turkeys walked up the road in front of the house. They looked as if they were taking an evening stroll. It is so nice to be able observe God's creatures in their natural settings.
The left picture was taken yesterday, 7-30-2010. The right picture was taken September 2009. What difference. God Bless all.----johnnyb

Sunday, July 18, 2010


First month

A few lines to recap our first month here in our "new house". We moved on the 12th of June. Everything went pretty smooth. We are still moving out of the other house, but are close to being done. Moving in is easy. Moving out is the hard part. What do we do with all this stuff! We have pared down a lot. Gave a lot of stuff away. A lot to the Bargain Box in town. Somebody will use it. Most everything on the inside is done. A few things left, but will be winter jobs. We are getting closer to getting the outside painted. Three sides have a base coat. Front and all the trim remain. We had a nice garden, but it got hailed pretty bad last week. Most of it will come back. We don't have the parts to change our kitchen stove to propane yet. Been on back order for about 6 weeks. Friday night the hot water heater went out. It was blowing fire out the bottom. Burned the vinyl floor under the tank. Glad we caught it. Other than that everything is going ok. We really like it here. Very peaceful. It is so nice sit outside early in the morning and hear only the sounds of the things that are the beauty of God and His creation. May He bless you all as you follow in His footsteps daily.---johnnyb

Friday, July 16, 2010


Just a quick note to let to let anyone who may have wondered what happen to us, we got moved on the 12th of June. I have no new pictures yet. Did have a good garden going, but was hailed last week. Some things may make it. We love it here. Very peaceful. Just got our internet hooke up today. Will be writing more later.--johnnyb

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Pictures

Added more pics today. We started hanging kitchen cabinets today. I will try to show pics of the kitchen in order since day one. The other pics are of the yard, garden, strawberry patch and the bathroom in progress. Forgot to take a finished pic. Next time! The part of the garden with straw has been planted.--johnnyb

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Time

Isn't it great! Spring has arrived and along with the usual things that transpire at this time of year, the wind has come with all of it's fury! But it is ok. Every day when I walk out and look at all the beauty that God has blessed us with. His presence is so overwhelming, especially at this time of year. I hope that everyone who reads this will take a few minutes, and just look , listen and feel that presence in our lives. Then we need to thank Him for the beauty that He has provided for us. It will give you a good feeling!

We are still working at the house. Getting closer day by day. We have been doing some work on the yard also. The lawn is in pretty good shape. We will be fighting the weeds all summer, but the grass is ok. We got some garden planted yesterday. Put in some squash, green beans, buffalo beans, and peas. To early for tomatoes yet. Will buy them this week, but not plant until the middle of May. We will have a fairly large garden, so it will keep us busy. The bathroom is just about finished. Would have been today, but was lacking a fitting for the water on the toilet. Maybe tomorrow. We plan on hanging kitchen cabinets this week. As soon as we get the base units set, I will be able to put down the vinyl. Seems like there is always setbacks. Yesterday I discovered a leak in the shut-off valve on the propane tank. Waiting for the propane people to get that fixed. I meant to take the camera today and get some pictures of the yard and others inside. Maybe tomorrow. I need to finish the photos, so will close. Besides that I just went brain-dead, and cannot think of anything to write.---johnnyb

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Almost spring!

At last spring is at least on the horizon. The past couple of days have not seemed like it. It has either been raining or snowing most of the week. Seems like we can only get a couple of days of warm and sunshine and then it is gloomy for a few days. I guess the moisture is good though. Haven't been on here for a while. Don't know why. Just wasn't. The winter has seemedlike an eternity. We have been working on the house. Slow going, but are progressing. This week we have been doing a paint job, so haven't been to the house. Have to make a living also. Did a little golf ball carving over the winter. Sold one the other day. Have given more away. More fun that way. Will maybe include some pics of them on the next blog. Carol went to an orthopedist last month because of lump in her achilles tendon. Found out she has a partial rupture of the achilles. Put her in a big boot for a while to see if that heals it. If not she will have to have surgery. Still gets up and down the laddeers, just not very fast. I call her "Hopalong" (affectionately, of course). It is very heavy and wears her out faster. The bedroom is finished except for the floor.

The walls for the dining room are done. Ceiling in progress. New wiring is all done. I cheated on that and ran all the wires above the suspended ceiling. Didn't have to go into the attic that way. Couldn't fit up through the hole anyway. The neww water lines are in place in the house. Don't have the water on yet. Have to finish the utility room before that. Will put down new vinyl on the floor next week. Carol is ready to paper the living room. The walls and ceiling in the pics are the bedroom. A lot to do, but we are getting there. Our Grandson, Evan, from McCook comes over on weekends and helps. It has been fun having him. Last time we insulated the kitchen walls. He is going to the Air Force next fall, so we are glad to have him.

Will call it quites for now. No bits of wit or wisdom this time. Just stand up for your rights and be proud to be an American!--johnnyb

Friday, January 15, 2010


Isn't it strange to write 2010. I haven't noticed how many times that I have written 2009. I'm sure I have. The weather has finally warmed up a little so that it is nice. I hate cold more and more every year. Maybe age has something to do with it. We've been working on the house a lot this week. I have been wiring. Carol has been working on the bedroom. She did some priming on the walls today. Might paint some woodwork tomorrow. The dining room and bedroom are rewired except for the lights. That will come later.
Am adding pictures of the chicken house. Request from son Dale. Other that that no new pics. We got the sub-floor down in the kitchen, and a window put in kitchen. Maybe more pics this weekend if I can remember the camera.
I want to wish all our friends and family best wishes for the New Year. Especially to our very good friends, Carolyn and Lavern in their new home in Iowa. I hope you will all keep God in your hearts and that He may bless you in all that you do.--johnnyb