Sunday, July 18, 2010

First month

A few lines to recap our first month here in our "new house". We moved on the 12th of June. Everything went pretty smooth. We are still moving out of the other house, but are close to being done. Moving in is easy. Moving out is the hard part. What do we do with all this stuff! We have pared down a lot. Gave a lot of stuff away. A lot to the Bargain Box in town. Somebody will use it. Most everything on the inside is done. A few things left, but will be winter jobs. We are getting closer to getting the outside painted. Three sides have a base coat. Front and all the trim remain. We had a nice garden, but it got hailed pretty bad last week. Most of it will come back. We don't have the parts to change our kitchen stove to propane yet. Been on back order for about 6 weeks. Friday night the hot water heater went out. It was blowing fire out the bottom. Burned the vinyl floor under the tank. Glad we caught it. Other than that everything is going ok. We really like it here. Very peaceful. It is so nice sit outside early in the morning and hear only the sounds of the things that are the beauty of God and His creation. May He bless you all as you follow in His footsteps daily.---johnnyb

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