Thursday, March 11, 2010

Almost spring!

At last spring is at least on the horizon. The past couple of days have not seemed like it. It has either been raining or snowing most of the week. Seems like we can only get a couple of days of warm and sunshine and then it is gloomy for a few days. I guess the moisture is good though. Haven't been on here for a while. Don't know why. Just wasn't. The winter has seemedlike an eternity. We have been working on the house. Slow going, but are progressing. This week we have been doing a paint job, so haven't been to the house. Have to make a living also. Did a little golf ball carving over the winter. Sold one the other day. Have given more away. More fun that way. Will maybe include some pics of them on the next blog. Carol went to an orthopedist last month because of lump in her achilles tendon. Found out she has a partial rupture of the achilles. Put her in a big boot for a while to see if that heals it. If not she will have to have surgery. Still gets up and down the laddeers, just not very fast. I call her "Hopalong" (affectionately, of course). It is very heavy and wears her out faster. The bedroom is finished except for the floor.

The walls for the dining room are done. Ceiling in progress. New wiring is all done. I cheated on that and ran all the wires above the suspended ceiling. Didn't have to go into the attic that way. Couldn't fit up through the hole anyway. The neww water lines are in place in the house. Don't have the water on yet. Have to finish the utility room before that. Will put down new vinyl on the floor next week. Carol is ready to paper the living room. The walls and ceiling in the pics are the bedroom. A lot to do, but we are getting there. Our Grandson, Evan, from McCook comes over on weekends and helps. It has been fun having him. Last time we insulated the kitchen walls. He is going to the Air Force next fall, so we are glad to have him.

Will call it quites for now. No bits of wit or wisdom this time. Just stand up for your rights and be proud to be an American!--johnnyb