Sunday, July 12, 2015

Canning season

We started doing some canning this week.  We have had a couple of picking of green beans.  The next pickings will go to friends of ours who for one reason or another don't have any this year. This was the second picking

Then came kraut.  We made up 2-5 gallon buckets of kraut.  This is my sister-in-law threatening somebody with a knife,  I think it was her sister for taking the picture!  The kraut is working good already.  We have more to do.  will make Amish Slaw  with most of it.  We used 14 heads of cabbage for the kraut.  We picked it up at a garden for $2 a head.
 I get the job of packing the cabbage in the buckets.  Safer that way.  No sharp knives!!

Then came the beets.  Me and Ma doin' our thing!!  We might have a few more to do later.  Squash is starting to come on.  Tomatoes are running a little behind,

Sorry Kymber, but I had to post it!

We always  give credit to the One who makes this all possible.  Without His help this would not be possible.  One time we stood looking at our garden, patting ourselves on the back for our fine work.  2 hours later we lost it all to a hailstorm.  Coincidence?  Only one knows .

God Bless All.  johnnyb   


  1. Busy, busy, busy...

    How did you make your sauerkraut? What did you do with your beets? And, what is Amish Slaw?

    1. Clean food grade bucket. Layer of shredded cabbage and 1 TBSP of salt. Mix and tamp down. Repeat until bucket about 3/4 full. We put some water in a mylar bag and place on top of the cabbage as a sealer. It should be ready in 10-14 days. The salt will draw the water out of the cabbage. We sometimes have to drain some off to keep from overflowing.
      We canned the beets using a brine for that purpose. Recipes are in any canning book.
      I will send you the recipe for Amish cole slaw. It is like a relish. Very good on sandwiches or just out of the jar..
      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. John - I've tried making sauerkraut like that but mine always "turns". How long does the Amish slaw last?


    3. The slaw is canned and it will last for years. It is crunchy and really good as a relish or for a side dish.


    4. The slaw is canned and it will last for years. It is crunchy and really good as a relish or for a side dish.

  2. John,

    Real nice there my friend, I will give credit to you, your sweet wife, and her sister.
    There's nothing better than filling up that pantry with home grown, and processed foods. How cool is it to be working in your outdoor kitchen?

  3. I am so jealous lol. My garden is pretty much done this year. I will be purchasing alot of my canning things and eating what I may be lucky enough to get out of the garden this year. Too much rain.,,

    1. We had rain early and now it is back to normal. Hot and dry!

  4. John - if you don't mail me some of those beets the friendship is over - bahahahahah! naw - just kiddin' with ya. i actually did have a few beets come up - like maybe 6??? arghghghghgh! your garden looks like it is producing greatly and i need the recipe for your slaw. do a post with the recipe maybe? it looks fantastic!

    you guys all look so happy in the pics. especially your SIL with the knife - bahahahahah! i am just glad that your garden is producing so well. love these latest posts - keep it up, buddy!

    sending much love. your friend,

  5. Love your canning kitchen, wish I had one, need to talk to hubby! Would like to try the Amis slaw, I spent the better part of today canning potato have not dug the sweet potatoes yet. I ended up having a lot of jalapenos but not a lot of tomatoes
    Take care

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