Monday, April 30, 2012


And were off to the start of another week here in the middle of somewhere.  Seems like the weeks are flying by at a pace that I can't keep up with.  By the time I get my week organized and get started, it is gone and time for the next.  Oh well, I guess what I don't get done will still be there the next day or week.  The chicken coop is moving along.  I actually got some siding up this weekend.  We may use it for the quail and move the chickens in later.  Depends on when it is finished. 

I planted sweet corn last week.  Have a few more rows to plant.  The potatoes are coming along fine.  They came up kind of slowly.  At first it looked liked there might not be a good stand, but it looks better now.  Tomatoes will go in the ground in about a week.  Beans hopefully this week.  The lettuce was doing good.  Notice I said "was".   I forgot to shut the lid on the cold frame the other night and the bunny  "zombies" had a nice meal.  It will grow back ok. 

We have been dog-sitting the Yorkies for the past week.  Daughter is in the process of moving.  The other afternoon the small one tried to take the Black Lab's new frisbie away from here.  Wasn't a good move on his part.  Ended up with a bunch of stitches and an over-night stay at the vet.  Scared us half to death. We thought he was a goner.  It was nasty.  He is doing ok now.  Back to his old self thinking he is the big cheese of the bunch.  I guess he didn't learn his lesson. 

I suppose I should end this and get something done.  May be rain showers today.  We have had  a little moisture this past week, but more would be ok.

God Bless All ---johnnyb

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