Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome and word verification

Welcome to Russell1200 and to Kris.  Thanks for stopping by.  Comments will be answered.

I have once again shut off word verification.  I didn't realize it was on there.  I hadn't checked since supposedly shutting it off .  Sorry about that.  I despise that feature!!!!!!!  If it ever pops up please notify me.  I hate that thing!!!  Oops, already said that. But you get the idea.  I hate it. 
Thanks Astra for the heads up. 
God Bless America---johnnyb


  1. Thanks!

    I'll try and keep my complications to myself! LOL

  2. Not a problem here. Two cents might get you a nickel in change!

  3. Thanks, the word verification was a pain but I still insisted on jumping the hurdle to comment. I too hate it and haven't used it on my blog for a long time.

    1. I sure didn't think I was using it. I guess I need to check once in a while. thanks for braring with a pain in the you know what.