Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Not much going on.  Beautiful spring day.  Not much wind, which is unusual.  Temperature are supposed to drop into the 60's most of this week.  We might even get some moisture.  Everything is greening up nice.  Lilacs are starting to bloom.  Way too early, almost a month too early.  Can't out guess Mother Nature.  I dehydrated chives yesterday.  We will dry can them tomorrow.  I put in some more horseradish plants this week.  Dug up a lot of ours this winter.  The cook at the local bar and grill makes a good sauce, and I am willing to let him.

I see that Wally-World is planning on lowering food prices in the next year.  This is good except it will make it hard on the mom and pop grocery stores, of which there still is some around the country.  After they get pushed out them W-W can charge anything they want!  I sometimes wonder if they are cahoots with the Government.  Just keep pushing the thumb down a little harder.  Oh well, what to do!

Everyone have a good one.  God Bless-johnnyb

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