Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yucky Day!

Spring just gets going good and gets us in a mood to do the spring things and then we have another day of 40 degrees, windy and just plain miserable. Just makes me so mad I could eat ice cream! O well maybe we need a good day of rest. The dogs are even bummed out. They are all sleeping, (which is good) if we are all going to be confined to the house for the day!
We finished with our fencing projects yesterday. I have 1 gate to build yet. Will be similiar to the one in the picture. We may even build some fence out of the sticks later. It is kind of fun to do, and an unlimited supply of resources.
We have started seeding in more lawn. Never-ending process. Got the asparagus planted. Now just waiting for warm weather to do more.---johnnyb

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