Monday, April 18, 2011

Another day

Started the week off by going to the lumber yard and getting the lumber to get started on the sleeping cabin. Spent the weekend cleaning the part of the garage that will be used for that purpose. There were quite a few cracks in the concrete floor that needed filling, so that is done. anxious to get started.
Last week we ordered some wildflower seed, (1 pound). Got tired of buying packets that had only a few seeds in them. They came in today so we planted some. Might get rain, so we wanted to get them in the ground. Also got some more grass seed in the ground. Never-ending job, especially when the dogs "help". They can't figure why I can dig, but they can't!
Hope the clouds will go away eventually and warm the ground for things to grow. Of course the weeds will grow also. Lettuce and spinach are growing well. Not ready yet, but growing.
time to go.--johnnyb

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