Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Spring is doing its best to arrive. 80 degrees a few days ago, 30's and 40's last couple. 70's today, but probably with gale force winds. Can't just have a nice day.
Got potatoes, beets, parsnips and onion seeds in the ground over the week-end. Have lettuce and spinach popping through the ground. I had planted those along the south side of the house getting good sunlight. Parsley is up and doing well. We are planning on having a large herb garden. I have started some rosemary in the house. It is about ready to be put in larger pots. I don't want to put them out just yet. Also some sage and melons are started in the house. We planted some fruit trees last week. Have some grapes we will put in this week. Also asparagus that we ordered is here, so will put it in also. Carol planted some flowers in front of the house. Sweet William that she planted last fall is up, as are the glads. We built fences around everything to keep the dogs from raising havoc. Was a long winter for everyone including the dogs. Now that the ground is not frozen, they are digging up any and everything.
Hope everyone who reads this is doing well and that you may be blessed in whatever you may do.---johnnyb

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