Thursday, February 16, 2012

Towards the end of the week

Here we have the end of the week approaching.  Hasn't been a whole lot going on around the place this week.  The jeep was in for surgery this week, so we stuck pretty close to home.  Valentines Day some friends stopped and got us and we all went out for steak.  Nice to get out.  Had planned on taking my honey out, but the no vehicle situation changed that.  Car is back.  Bearings in the rear differential were bad.  193,000 miles on it and we really can't afford something different, so we have to take care of it.

I don't know if I mentioned it in earlier posts,  but our friend from Colorado brought some pallets to us last week.  We will be able start on some of our other projects as soon as the ground thaws a little.  Need to get a quail brooder house built.  We have other plans for the building we used last year.  Quail will be delivered on June 5, and that will creep up faster than I want it too.

The weather is going to be fairly warm for the rest of the week, so it will help drying out the mud around where I need to be working.  The moisture has been nice.  We were forecast to get some winter weather yesterday, but it didn't materialize here.  Seems as though the weather people are right 10% of the time for tomorrows weather and 90% right on yesterday's weather.

All have a good one--God Bless all and to those in need--Our prayers go out daily to you----johnnyb

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