Friday, February 3, 2012

Storm Update

The storm has been down-graded to just a winter storm warning.   Blizzard warnings still in effect about 50 miles west and into Colorado.  It has rained most of the night.  Supposed to change to snow later today. No accumulation today . 5-9 inches overnight instead of 12-16 inches.  Still be windy.  So I guess what will happen is that we will get very little snow or have 2 feet .   Last time little or no accumulation amounted to about 6-8 inches.

------ditditdaditditditdadit-------Weather flash----From the weather center in beautiful downtown ***** KS----- Rain has just turned to snow and is starting to not accumulate!  I will now return you to your regular scheduled programming.  Stay tuned for more updates as they are needed.

Meteorology would be an interesting field if a person didn't mind being wrong a lot of the time. I still think the weather rock on a string is the best weather machine.  It is always right.
Rock dry – Fair
Rock wet – Rainy
Rock swaying – Windy
Rock has shadow – Sunny
Rock no shadow – Cloudy
Rock white – Snowy
Rock bouncing – Earthquake
Rock under water – Flood
Rock flashing – Lightning
Rock missing – Tornado
Rock difficult to see – Foggy
Rock sideways – Wind storm
Your Weather Rock also indicates the seasons
Rock cold – Winter
Rock wet – Spring
Rock hot – Summer
Rock covered by leaves – Fall

 God Bless--johnnyb


  1. We have had an unremarkable winter.. 7 inches of snow vs. 70 plus last year at this time in New England... It's kinda weird.

  2. It has been strange. We have had some snow, but not a lot. Doesn't snow as much as it did when I was growing up.

  3. I hear Denver is getting hit, stay safe. I know you are down wind right??

  4. Yes. So far we haven't had it too bad. Worse right west of us so far.