Thursday, February 23, 2012

KMOS News Break

Good morning faithful listeners. Once again from the studios of KMOS in beautiful downtown ***** Kansas.  We've been off the air for a few days after the skunk incident at the studio.  If that that wern't enough trouble, we had a major break-down at the satellite studio.   We are up and running now.  Still a slight odor in the building.  Not bad. just smells like somebody crapped a skunk is all.  At least people have stopped looking at me funny when I go out in public.
Weather rock sticking straight out this morning which would indicate a definite breeze blowing.  Old Tom stopped by the studios earlier and had a different name for it.  Can't repeat what he said.  He was on his way to open up the Spa and Educational Film Studio, which brings us to the first, and probably only commercial break of the morning.  Old Tom said he has some new films available for your viewing pleasure, and also has some rentals available for those special parties, like bachelor parties,  birthdays and whatever the occasion.  He also has a new batch of "aged apple cider" available this morning.  It even has a date on the bottle--February 22, 2012.  Don't get no better than that!  So for relief from all your aches, pains and worries, come come on down to Old Tom's Spa and Educational Film Emporium right next door to our studios in beautiful downtown*****Kansas.  Old Tom will take care of you.  Well  he won't, but somebody will. Heeheeheehee.

Earlier this morning I saw activity in all four houses in town.  That kind of takes care of the obituary report for the day.
Talked with Uncle Festus.  He said he has not had any instances of deer suicide by hanging in his shed.  Such an unfortunate thing.  He did say that there was kind of questionable instance one day when one tried to run over his pick-up.  Nothing he could do for the poor thing.  Was not a survivable accident.  He called the authorities, but by the time they got there someone had sole the carcass!  Really some bad people out there.

News from over on the North Divide---We hear they  finally talked Grandpa Sam into some false teeth.  He has been gumming his food for years, not that it was a problem since he is mostly on a liquid diet!  The dentist told him that when he took them out, he should always do it over water.  That way if he dropped them they wouldn't break.   Sure enough, first thing he dropped them, but he did it over water.  Grandma said it was a good thing that the toilet had been flushed.  No harm done I guess.  Always good to listen to the experts.

I see by the clock on the wall it is time send you back to your regularly scheduled programming--Skunk Steak on the Grill!

God Bless--johnnyb