Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday morning and Welcome

Still snowing lightly.  It snowed lightly off and on all day yesterday.  Finally at dark it started snowing more and continued through the night.  Wasn't as heavy as west and north of here.  We maybe have 5" with some drifting so it is hard to tell.  Should diminish during the day.  It is a real wet snow.  Last night it was sticking to the satellite dish, blocking the signal.  Haven't checked this morning, but I am getting internet service, so I assume the TV is ok.  

Dogs have been out playing in the snow.   The young one has been trying to get the  others to play, but they are more interested in getting the morning "stuff" taken care of and get back in the house! 

Welcome to North.  Thanks for stopping by.

Hope everyone has a good week-end.  God Bless--johnnyb