Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday evening

Another beautiful day.  60 degrees and calm wind.  Next 2 days will be different.  20's and 30's.  Might get a little snow.  I dug some horseradish yesterday and was surprised that the ground was not frozen very deep.  Only a couple inches.  Most of what I dug was below the frost.  A friend who cooks at a bar in a little town near where we live makes good horseradish sauce.  His patch is pretty well dug through, so I gave him some of ours.  No sense in me messing with it when he will grind it and give a some back.   They have a prime rib night and use a lot of it. 

We did our monthly major grocery shopping trip to a Wally World in a town about 20 miles north of us.  Almost the national debt, but not quite.  We will have some family visiting later this week, so needed to stock up on a few things.
Here are a few of the prices :
Earth grain Bread-$2.50
Cucumber-$.78 each
Bananas-$ .54/lb
Butter (real)-$2.98/box
Soy milk-$.2.67
Just curious on prices around the country.

I hope everyone has a good week.  God bless--johnnyb


  1. I still have my receipt from last week. You just gave me an idea for my post tomorrow. Stop by mid morning to early afternoon to see what I posted.

  2. A beautiful morning here @Cape Point, but with a promise of turning into a scorcher. Fire warnings abound, not to mention snake warnings! I am sure that by this evening we would'nt mind a bit of your chill. Enjoy!

  3. A little snow - heaven. Today is predicted to be 36oC (97oF)- please send some of your weather this way... :)

  4. Rob--Will do. Interesting to see what goes in other area.

    Mad Dog--What kind of snakes?

    Dani--In six months things will be reversed. Our temps will be that and up. We have had days in the 110-115 range, but 105-110 is not unusual.

  5. Common poisonous snakes around the Cape Peninsula = Puffadder, Boomslang, Rinkhals and Cobra. In this heat, they also seek out shade and water.

  6. Thanks Mad Dog. I was just curious. We have Rattlesnakes as the only poisonous snake here. Once in a while a spreading viper that is poisonous only from fangs farther back in their mouth. Not aggressive.

  7. Milk-I buy it from an Amish Farm for $3.50 a gallon for raw milk, but at the store it is almost $4
    Earth grain Bread-I don't shop in a store any longer, but when I did bread was between $3 and $5
    Cucumber-I get veggies and fruit at a local farmer's market, so it is cheaper than the stores. I got a cucumber for 50 cents
    Bananas-These are 49 cents a pound at the farmer's market and about 75 cents at the store
    Butter (real)-$3 a pound at the amish farm, but at least $4 a box at the grocery store
    Avocados-no clue :-)

    We have changed our eating and now only get things directly from the farmers or we live without it. We plan to have 6 raised garden beds this summer to grow as much as I can myself and then canning what I can for the winter months.