Monday, January 2, 2012

First Ramblings of the Year

Spring is sprung,
Fall has fell.
Winter has come,
and it is colder than ......usual!

I don't know where that come from, I thought I'd throw it in anyway.  Actually the weather has not been out of line cold.  The old year blew away like there were no tomorrow.  Sustaining winds 40-50 mph as forecast, with gusts a lot higher.  At 3 PM Saturday, the temperature was 50 degrees with high winds.  By 4 PM it was 34 degrees with higher wind and sleet.  Miserable as all "billy hell".  We just decided to stay in and greet the New Year in the warmth of the stove.  Neither one of us made it. The only ball that fell around here was eyeballs.  when I was young and knew it all, the big deal was to see how much I could drink and still be conscious at midnite.  Now the big deal is to see how much of a "power nap" it takes to stay conscious until midnite!  Funny how priorities change. I had meant to get a bottle of wine for us to toast us making it to the end of the year still kicking, but I had forgot to put it on the shopping list.  Talk about priorities!  Living 15-20 miles from somewhere and hurricane force winds put any idea aside of  any last minute shopping trip.  But it didn't make difference as we were both checking out the inside of our eyelids by midnite. 

At least the days are lengthening out.  A whole 2 or 3 minutes!  I mean, doesn't that really put a reverse on the seasonal depression.  Another week of this and my spirits are going to be so high I won't be able to stand myself,  let alone the wife being able to live with me.  Oh hell, its just the first of the year not the first of spring.  Bring on the anti-anxiety meds.  I don't know if I can handle it.   And they keep sending more seed catalogs!  I guess I'll just have order some seeds, and just sit and stare at them for a couple of months.

Actually this winter has been fairly busy and is moving right on.  There a lot of projects on all the burners, so on warm days I can get started on them.  Looking forward to all of the projects.  I will talk about them later.  I need to do some more R & D and F & R (foraging and requisition). 

Have a good one.  And if you can't have good one,  at least make the best of it and "keep on keepin' on"---johnnyb


  1. I hear you. our weather here is about to change and get cold. 85 on Christmas Day, upper 30's tonight. 62 at present. Look at it this way middle next month baseball spring training starts. always a sign of warmer weather ahead.