Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy List

I am following up on a list that Astra posted on her blog called January happy list.  I thought it was neat so am posting mine.

1.  Waking up each morning and looking at the coming day with my wife, the love of my life and best friend forever.

2. Having our kids visit for a late Christmas.

3.  Getting a new TV for Christmas from the kids.

4.  Reading a book that I had been looking forward to reading.

5. Having some warm days to work outdoors on some projects.

6.  Waking up after a couple of days of high winds to find the day absolutely calm.

7. Looking out over God's beauty and just being overwhelmed by it.  (This happens daily).

8.  Hearing the turkeys cackling down on the creek after a couple of months absence.

9.  Watching new born lambs across the road running, jumping and butting heads.

10.  Meeting new friends through the world of blogging and keeping up with old friends.

There are many other things that me smile.   Actually it doesn't take much to amuse me!  Like the humor pages on my wife's pinterest site.  I like to laugh.  Makes me feel good.  Maybe I will just do another list next month.  Kind of fun.

On the down side--Our prayers go out to Stephen for a speedy recovery and to Duke and his MIL for strength in dealing with her illness.

Today was one of those unusual spring-like days that we will probably pay dearly for one of these days.  Almost 70 degrees today.  We got a lot done outside.  Got everything except the pack rat's hoard cleaned out of the chicken house.  I have a lot of work to do to get it chick-ready and varmit-proof.   Made a couple trips to the burn hole and did a little scavenging and foraging.   Came home with almost more than I took.  Got a bunch of rail ties from the dump and some cattle panels from the iron pile.  Cattle pens had been redone and the panels tossed.  All will be put to use in the garden.

   God Bless all---johnnyb


  1. It was so cool reading your happy list - aren't they fun to write! Thanks for joining in, maybe we'll start a happy list revolution :)

  2. Astra--Thanks. Everyone has different things that fire up the grin muscle. Happy list revolution it is! I have another list that I am posting, with an explanation.

    Rob--It is kind of fun.