Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Mumbling/Rambling

Another week is just about shot.  The weather has not been too bad this week.  Got a little done outside.  Not as much as I should have,  but there is always tomorrow, I think!  The old chicken house has been used for storage for wood that I have collected.  Walnut, oak,  wood from an old piano,  and just  plain old wood.  Bottom line is we would like to get chickens this year,  so the wood has got to be stored somewhere else.  This week I started sorting through it.  Most of it doesn't need to be inside, so I have a wood rack that I am putting it on.  Some is going to the wood pile.  Once it is empty I will start refurbishing it. 

I checked the weather rock this morning before planning the day's activities.  I could see the rock, it was dry, but sticking out at 8o'clock.  Clear, dry and strong north wind.  No burning today.  Forecasting 50mph winds.  I hate to see what March is going to be like, with what the wind is now. I may have to beef up the weather rock.  May become a weather boulder.  No moisture in the forecast. 

Just found some more "scrap lumber" at a neighboring farm.  Got to go look at it before he torches it.  Never know when I might find something usable.  Lots of projects in the works.

Keep the powder dry--johnnyb


  1. LOL as long as you don't "temporarily" store the wood you get from your neighbour in the old chicken house...

    ... do you really want chickens... :)

  2. Dani--Yes on the chickens. We will also be raising quail again this summer.