Friday, January 6, 2012

The morning report

Good Morning World.  We are coming to you today from beautiful downtown  *****, Kansas, and as I look out the window  it looks like all seven people plus four hunters from Colorado are up and about, or else they forgot to shut the lights off when they went to bed.  Our population sometimes will more than double or triple during pheasant and deer season.  Jumped clear up to almost 20 last month for a couple of days.  Now for the local weather--- Weather looks good for the day.  It is clear and calm out, at least I can see the rock on a string out back (if I turn on the porch light), and the rock is hanging straight down.  Temperatures today will not reach yesterdays high of 72.  Maybe 50.  This is good for the pheasant hunters as they said they may have to strip down to orange boxers for hunting clothes if it stayed in the 70's.  Oh well, to each his own.  I said I wouldn't point and laugh.  Looks like the sun is about to pop over the hill.  Always a good sign when that shows up!

Now for the local news:   Obituaries--I saw everybody in town yesterday, so nothing for this section.

Other news:  I noticed  a couple of sheep across the road a looking a little preggies.  I guess there won't be no virgin wool this year again.  Damn, I wish he would leave them sheep alone. He is so damn ugly. The ram, the ram!

County was working on the roads yesterday.  At least I think he was working on the roads.  He  kept going back and forth all afternoon, so I a ASSumed he was working the road.  Never know about them guys.  He may not have even had the blade down.

Saw some smoke down by the crick yesterday.  Too warm for a fire.  Musta had the still going or else Ol Leroy be smoking that ditchweed again.  If I see him today I  will be able to tell.   He gets real strange when he smokes that ditchweed. I notice an area of it had been cut this fall.  Nobody else touch that stuff. So he must have stocking up for the winter

Well that's about it for today, but before I turn you over to the regularly scheduled dead air, I would like to leave you with a thought for the day---"It's all shits and giggles until somebody giggles and shits".


  1. John, you crack me up. Have a good one.

  2. Big fun in the big metropolis.

  3. Stephen and Duke--Thanks for stopping by. Some days I just feel like something different. Maybe I'll do some more sometime.

  4. The obituary comment was too funny.

  5. R U sure you aint from Jewell County?

  6. Phelan--Thanks. But it is about the truth.

    Midwest Patriot--A few counties west.