Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day after hump day

Nothing new to report on this Thursday morning.  One request though---if anyone reading this that lives north of NW Kansas, will you please shut the North door.  The cold I expect this time of year, but the wind that you are letting through is a little ridiculous.  Tuesday was a beautiful day.  Shirt sleeves were almost the uniform of the day.  Yesterday was a little different. The rock on the string was sticking straight out.   Today not much better.  10 degrees this morning with ,as the weatherman put it, just "breezy" conditions.  Just seems like we have had more wind than usual.  Oh well, such is life living in the "middle of somewhere".

We have been spending the last couple of days going through stuff, rearranging closets, throwing away some things we don't know why we were keeping anyway.  We had a pile for the thrift store, but gave them to a friend.  You know-one person's junk is anothers  treasure. It's amazing how a person can collect some things.  For instance--paper clips that you can never find when you need one.  Pens that work, or pencils with lead in them.  I must have found 50 pens.  At least now I have a place to put all the pens, that is until a time down the road when I need one.  I found pencils with no lead.  Found lead.  Wrong size.  2 containers of the wrong size.  Oh yes, rubber bands.  Plenty of them now.  It is just nice to get things put in place.  Now if I just don't get lazy and  always put things away, it "should" stay that way.

Will be nice when the elections are over with this fall.  (Well maybe).   Seems like grown men and women should act a little more grown up.  I've seen kindergarten classes with more maturity.  I'm not pointing a finger at any one person.  I'm talking about the whole damn bunch that are in Disneyland North, or are aspiring to be.  I will stop there.   Much more I could say, but it would be better if I didn't.  Others can say it better than me.  I get too angry to make sense, so I will just try to keep things on lighter theme.

Thought for today--"I'd rather regret the things I've done than the things that I haven't."--Lucille Ball.

God Bless all and God Bless this great country we live in.---johnnyb


  1. My friend it's almost too late to say, have a good day, so - have a great evening. Ask someone to open the south eastern door to the state and send some cold weather our way. We need it. Bugs, you know.

  2. I agree on the weather, and I am in the Northeast...maybe we can blame it on the Canadians lol. Glad to hear the clean out is going well:)

  3. Stephen--I did have a good evening. Oh yes the bugs. Luckily they perished a couple of months ago. If they hadn't, they would have gone south whether they wanted to or not with the wind!

    Stephanie--Good idea to blame it on the Canadians.