Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hump Day

Happy hump day!  If you are planning on doing something in the first half of the work week,  you need to hurry.  Depending which time zone you are in,  only a couple of hours left.  To those in other parts of the world,  oh well,  reschedule for the last half.  I actually accomplished everything that I had planned for the first part of the week.   I really didn't have anything planned, so it wasn't difficult.  I didn't want to set my goal too high.  Actually, I had checked the weather forecast and it was not favorable to do some things that are in the works. 

While the kids were here last weekend, Carol fixed jalepeno popper grilled cheese sandwiches.  She used jalepenos for some of the poppers and green chiles for others.  Heat preference.  Very good variance to a plain old grilled cheese.  Definitely a keeper in my book.

Carol and her friend made more baskets this week.   Kem's is posted on her blog also. (  They have a lot of fun doing them.  Like I said before, it keeps them out of trouble for a day!

Keep up the faith and God bless.----johnnyb


  1. My wife thanks you. I have in progress pics on my blog on December 22, 2011.