Saturday, October 15, 2011

what next

I heard a story news yesterday about a lady who was having a get-together a the local Olive Garden. She had an American Flag she was going to put on the table. The hostess informed her that no flags or banners were permitted. When management was approached, the said they did not want any flags or banners because it might upset some people. Now this was the American Flag, Old Glory. What is wrong with this picture. The last I looked it was still called the United States of America. Probably 99.99999999% of the people were American citizens. If the flag offends them, then they are citizens of the wrong country! If they are visiting tourists from another country, it should not offend them. If it does, move on. What is happening in this great country? We should be able to display our national flag anytime or anywhere. The flagpoles should be stowed sometime where the sun don't shine, if you get my drift. If I were to visit a foreign country, I would expect to see the flag of that country being flown where-ever it was deemed needed.
In the words of Earl Pitts--Wake up Uhmerika. Something needs to be done before we lose everything that is dear to us--johnnyb


  1. I agree, they can shove it. Buttholes.

  2. If this happened to me I would refuse to remove it and tell them to call the police to remove me and the flag, I would then call the local media, they would love the story and I promise you the restaurant would not want the publicity. To me some things are worth fighting over.