Sunday, October 30, 2011

From the Middle of Somewhere

Not a lot going on in our small part of the world, in the middle of somewhere. Just been nice fall weather the past few days. We have had heavy frost the past few mornings. Yesterday we looked at the wood cookstove that we have acquired. Made some measurements to make sure it will fit into our sleeping cabin. Everything checks out ok, so I can install the door. I had the door framed, but didn't want to go any farther in case we would have to install a larger door. Had other things I needed to do, but just was not in the mood. Watched a couple of football games, checked out the inside of my eyelids, and called it good. One of my teams won,(go Huskers) and one lost. Oklahoma came to play yesterday. Oh well 7-1 isn't a bad record.
Friday nite I went to our Grandson's football game. They are undefeated. If they can get past next week against a team that they have already defeated, they will be well on their way to the championship game. But there are still some good opponents to get by yet.
Keep the faith and may God Bless all who these words may touch.---johnnyb

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