Monday, October 31, 2011

God be with you

Just sitting here, having my pancakes and peanut butter, and coffee, thinking about the day ahead. Carol and I already had a plan of action for the day, but was just thinking (which is dangerous), of what we were doing, when I asked myself,"Self, what does God want me to do today?" Have you ever done that? We all have such busy lives. Even in retirement it seems we are busier than ever. We are sometimes so busy that we forget to do the one all important thing every day. Turn your day over to Him everyday before you leave the house. He likes to be invited into our lives. He doesn't mind helping us go about our daily routines. Today as we we work on our little sleeping cabin, He will be right there beside us. As we are down on our hands and knees, He is right there with us to help us back up because the knees hurt so bad. He is there on the ladder with me to tell me not to stand on the top rung. (I should know that anyway, but you know how it is!) He will do these things daily, but we need to ask Him into our lives. Just remember He is the Teacher, the Comforter. He will always be there for us when we fall, but we have to be there for Him also.
To end this I would ask any who read this to stop right now, take a moment as I am and turn your day over to Him. You will feel much better during the day knowing that His strength is with you. God Bless all. Have a safe Halloween.----johnnyb


  1. Well said. And to you, my friend, God bless.

  2. And here's a thought..... As this is your normal mindset day in and day out, he is already there with you even before ask, and would be there with you should you forget to ask for whatever reason.

    Now that's comfort.

  3. Matt--True, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

  4. And with you, too. Thank you.

    (and my word verification for this comment was "sings" - appropriate, don't you think :) )