Friday, October 14, 2011

The middle of somewhere

Our 6-y/o grandson had heard someone refer our place as in the middle of nowhere. I told him that the middle of nowhere was over the hill to the west. This was the middle of somewhere. So he always refers to our place as that. when he asks about something, he will always ask if that is how we do it in the middle of somewhere!
I thought I would tell a little about our little "middle of somewhere". This community was started late 1800's. At one time it was a thriving community. Banks, hotels, stores,etc. As happened in a lot of small towns of that era, it gradually dwindled. By the 1960's there was not a lot left. School, grocery was about all. I am not sure when everything was completely boarded up. School closed in the 70's. All that was left was a grain elevator. Now there are about 9 people that live in what was the town. Most houses have been torn down, but a few still remain. We don't have anybody next to us, so it is kind of like living in the country. We have about 3 1/2 of the old city lots. About 3/4 of an acre. There is a cornfield 50 feet behind our property. The old school house sits north of our house. Was built in the late 1930's. Was a good solid rock building. Inside has been trashed by the owners. The house next to us is vacant and run-down. People that own it grew up in it, and come every few weeks to mow and clean up. The house south of that where turkeys roost on the fence is owned by a person from another state who uses it as a get-away and hunting lodge. He has put the house back to as original as possible from pictures that were in the house. Our house was pretty run down when we bought it. I think there are pictures on the older posts.
The second picture is from late 1800's. The school in the left hand side of the pic was torn down when the new one was built. The church is gone and our house sits next to the church. The large rock homes and shed in the middle of the pic are still standing. The roofs and floors have caved in. There is a pic of the south house in my June 8, 2011 post. They were pretty fancy in their day.
The other pics were early 1900's. No cars anyway.
As I said before we enjoy it here. It is peaceful, nobody bothers us. We have room for a large garden. Hope to add chickens next year. Closest town is about 15 miles away. Wallyworld in another town about 20 miles away. We are not isolated completely, just in "the middle of somewhere!"
God Bless all--johnnyb


  1. Lovely to read about your little town out there in the middle of somewhere :) I find it so sad when communities are deserted and buildings are left to stand empty / deteriorate and then fall down. It is almost as though those buildings are no longer loved. I wonder what happens to all the memories they contain...?

    But, on the positive, guess you really can enjoy the peace and quiet :)

  2. Wish I had a 'middle of somewhere.' I live in the middle of a vast democritter swamp.

  3. Nice story John. We live in a small town too, incorporated around 1900, but ours is bustling and growing - much to my dismay. Yours sounds peaceful.


  4. Dani, Stephen, Red ---It is our little Eden. When they get the corn picked we can see more of the hills to the south and west.