Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

Chilly morning. Around 32 degrees. Started the pellet stove this morning. Bit of a chill in the house. Should warm into the middle 50's today. Farmers are getting their corn picked. We could use a little moisture. Just so it comes in the form of rain and not snow, which can happen now.
We got the sheet rock on the ceiling in the cabin this past week-end. As soon as we get a couple of other projects done, we will get the taping and muding done. Then paint. We are finally on the downhill end of the project. We have to have it finished by the first of December as there will be some pheasant hunters using it. It has been a fun project.
Heard from a woman who's grandparents lived in this house years ago. She was happy to see the pictures of what we had done to the place. She said her grandparents would be happy with what we had done. I told her about this blog and she passed it on to her sister and cousin, so Kimberly, Gwen, and Dawn, if you read this, welcome to the site.
The community is greatly saddened by the senseless killing of the young man last week-end. It touches so many people, and the effects will be felt for a long time. There is a lot of "why" going around. What goes through a person's mind to do something like this. I guess you have to be there and in their shoes to know! And the consequences. Is it worth it? I guess this goes deeper into the human mind than I am qualified to delve.
I see where doomsday prophet Harold Camping is at it again. Friday might be the day. Damn and I just paid all the bills!---Later--johnnyb


  1. Would love to see some photo's of the cabin :) Sounds brilliant!

  2. Will put some up soon. We are putting it in the old garage. From the outside it looks like an old tin shed.