Monday, October 24, 2011

Nothing in particular, everything in general

What beautiful weather we are having. 70's & 80's daytime, 40's nite-time. Won't last. Wednesday's high only supposed to be in the 40's, but maybe some moisture. We need it. The problem is that this time of year it could be in the form of freezing drizzle or snow. And that sucks big time. We got quite a bit done around the yard and garden in preparation form next year. We are putting raised beds. Hoping to try and control the weeds better. When we bought this place two years ago, it was nothing more than a weed patch. It has been a fight. The lawn is getting better. We have seeded in more this year and will do more next year. We built a little fence around some of the flower beds to keep the dogs from trying to excavate. If there is any loose dirt they seem to think it is fair game for digging! We used some lathe that I took out of then old house I am tearing down. It looks rustic, which is what we were aiming for. No pics until it is done. Today I have to get some more siding from the old house to finish the walls in our little sleeping cabin area. Just about done with the mudding on the sheetrock. It is getting closer. Watched some football Saturday. Hope everybody's favorite team won, but then I guess someone has to lose. We listened to our grandson's high school game Friday nite. It was away, so we couldn't attend. They won their district play-offs, undefeated 9-0. They start the state play-offs this Friday at home, so we will be able to watch, weather permitting.
The picture is of one of my cold winter day projects. Can't play golf worth a darn, so I decided to carve little faces into the golf balls. Did have more, but got rid of them. They are kind of a mood thing. The face is sometimes a reflection of my mood at the time.
God Bless All---johnnyb