Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Welcome to zinger123.  Thanks for stopping by.

Another night with the pup has gone by.  He sleeps for about  2 hours and then he goes out to do his jobs.  Keeps from having messes in the house, but tough on sleep.  Grandson will be here today or tomorrow to pick him up.  Will be kind of hard to let him go.  The other dogs will be glad.  It has upset their world a little.  The Lab/Doberman mix has been plumb grouchy about the whole situation.  A little snappy at times.  The Black/Chocolate Lab is real possessive of everything, so that has been a challenge.  The Grand Dame, Yellow Lab/retriever,  doesn't let much bother her.  At the moment he is trying to kill one of Carol's crocs.  Never a dull moment.

Time for refill and face the day.  Blessings to all ---johnnyb


  1. Killing crocs could be a dangerous sport especially if they are her favorite color.