Monday, December 17, 2012

Neither here nor there

Just sitting here having my cup or four of morning get and go so I won't feel like it got up and went. I haven't been on here for a few days, so I should make it known that I am still kicking.  Not very high, but still kicking. We finally got a little moisture this weekend.  Friday nite we got 1/2 inch of rain and Saturday nite about 2" of nice wet snow.  Supposed to warm into the 50's for a couple of days and then cool again and maybe some more snow.  At this point it doesn't look as there will be a lot of snow, but there is high winds forecast, so it will just pile up in the fence rows.

A busy week in store this week.  We are having some kids here Saturday for Christmas.  Chicken and home made noodles have been requested, so Carol will be busy on that project.  I usually help by just staying out of the way, but am available if needed.  I have things to do in case we do get some snow.  Things to put up and out of the weather.  A friend is supposed to be bringing a bunch of pallets on Wednesday, but that might get put off because of weather. There are some projects that are kind of in the R & D stage yet for pallets or parts of pallets.

I have been looking through the seed catalogs that have come in the mail.   I need to order some heirloom seeds and non GMO seeds so we can save them for future years.  Garden time is still a few months away, but it doesn't hurt to plan a little, or dream!

All for now--God Bless--johnnyb


  1. I'm going to stock up on seeds this year too. I've been learning to save my own, but feel I'd better get a good seed stash while they're still available.