Sunday, December 30, 2012


Lots of thoughts going through my mind this morning.  As usual nothing much of importance though.   One of those cloudy, cold winter mornings when the best thing to do is just sit, drink coffee, and go through the massive amounts of seed catalogs that we have received over the past couple of weeks.  This one of the the things that helps get me through the winter.  Garden time is still a ways off, but planning is in order.  This year we are going to use all heirloom and organic, non GMO.   We are going to start some plants inside this year.  Tomatoes and peppers especially.  Maybe some herbs.  We have been given a bunch of cattle mineral  tubs, so we are going to do some container planting.  Especially herbs and some of the root crops like carrots.  Our ground is very heavy here and carrots have a problem growing well.  It is easier to put them in tubs with good soil than to work the soil loose and deep enough for them to grow.  Hopefully our plans will work out.  I had  been amending the soil in  the planting beds this winter before  the weather turned cold.   I have added some leaves, grass and other composting materials to them.  Eventually we will get things closer to where want them, if we live that long.  Hopefully we can have a more successful garden this year.  We always had a good garden in town, but we spent a lot of time on the soil to have a good garden.  It just takes time.  This will be our fourth summer here, so things should start coming around. 

We have been dog-sitting for the new pup for a couple of days.  He is really growing and getting ornerier every day.  He is definitely all puppy.

He is going to be a monster.  Legs are like tree stumps.  Right now it is quiet.  He is outside bunny hunting with the big guys.  We love him to pieces, but sometimes wears on us a little bit.  He wore himself down yesterday, so he slept all night.  He is kind of house-broken.  A couple of "happy" accidents were the cause of our not listening to him when he needed to go.  He will go back home today.  We will miss him, well kind of.  No, that is not right we will miss him.  Our dogs will not miss him.  They are ready for peace and quiet and the ability to do a power nap.

Time to wander on to bigger and better things.  Not really.  Nothing on the social calendar for today.  Matter of fact, there is not much on the social calendar tomorrow either.  Matter of fact, there is no social calendar!!  The only reason I would write anything on a calendar is to keep from forgetting things , like my name or other important facts that us "old" people forget from time to time. 

God Bless--johnnyb


  1. I have received exactly two seed catalogs. I must garden in large clay pots and it takes me a month to change the old worn soil to fresh composted matter. Don't get me started on the sorry condition of my herb garden. Lots of work ahead. Enjoy your day.

  2. I have never had good luck with carrots, potted or no. One of my goals is to raise a decent row or bed of carrots! Hey, it's the simple tings...

    1. We had good luck last year with carrots. We got some of Wally-worlds cheap top soil. Comes in 40#bags. We put some in the planting bed to help amend the soil and make it a lot looser. That was the best that we have ever had. The topsoil that I got was not top of the line, but it has kind of a sandy texture and seemed to work well.