Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Winter storm Draco is supposed to hit today.  Why do we have to put a name to a damned blizzard.  What's wrong with " the big one of 2012"?  Or the blizzard of all blizzards of "aught 6"?   It's not like we have 15 or 20 major winter storms go through each winter. I can sometimes, thanks to older age, forget what day of the week it is, but can still usually remember a major blizzard that blew through.  I guess it gives the weather Channel an extra thing to talk about.  Which brings up another burr under the saddle or in my shorts, whichever comes first.  It seem like since TWC was bought by NBC, there is less weather and more reality shows.  If I want to see the weather, I have to wait while someone gets rescued by the Coast Guard, which is usually a re-run, or while an air cargo plane has to battle high winds and foul weather with an old WWII plane with one engine out, (which is also a re-run) until a commercial comes  on and then give the Local on the Eights.  Then if my clock is off a little bit when I turn over to it, I miss it and have to wait until the next 8.  I am convinced it is just a conspiracy to screw up my "busy" daily calendar.  Sometimes I am even forced to look out the window like in the "old days" to check on the weather.  So very unreasonable.   Life is such a bitch. The things we have to endure just to survive.  Whatever happened to the days of "Weatherman Snider"  on  KXXX AM?   You just have ,miss them.   Anyway, we are still expecting a blizzard of sorts.  Forecast to be 4-6 inches of the "white stuff".   That isn't bad in itself,  but also 50 MPH winds to accompany it.  We will see.  It is getting darker from a heavier overcast, so it should be starting soon.   We had a couple of hundred gallons of propane delivered yesterday.  We don't use much propane, hot water heater and kitchen stove.  If the electricity goes out, we have a propane fired furnace that doesn't need electricity for heat.  We have not had to used it.  The pellet stove keeps our little house warm.  But it is nice to have a back-up.

We are having Christmas for some of the kids on Saturday.  They had requested Chicken and home made noodles over mashed potatoes, so Carol has been busy in that aspect.  We have noodles drying over the pellet stove.  We will also give some as gifts.  I told her I would help peel potatoes, but only on Saturday morning.  If the world comes to an end sometime Friday, I would be royally peeved to have peeled all those spuds for nothing!

Can't think of any words of wisdom today.  The old brain is taking the day off.  Actually my whole body might take the day off, especially if it snows.

God Bless All and especially to those who are in deep grief  and at this time of year.--johhnyb


  1. Enjoy the snow and stay warm.

  2. That is right...I forgot the world was ending Friday.

    Happy Holidays.

  3. My brother called from the PNW last night since they had been hit by the "Draco" to talk about how he was not prepared for it. Sigh. Seems that they had oil lamps and no oil. He has a kerosene lantern but no wick. Guess they managed to scare up a couple of candles for their stint without electricity. His generator had not been checked for years and would not work.

    1. We try to keep prepared for anything such as that. A prolonged time might be a problem, but I think we would be ok for a bit.