Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day After

After I typed in the title, I got to thinking, (which Carol considers a very dangerous thing for me to do).  I stopped before any real damage was done.  There was only minimal smoke damage to the dining room!   Anyway,  My idea was, here it is the day after Christmas.  People are heading back to work or traveling back home if you are lucky enough to have an extended time off.  But, today is always the day after something.   Everyday people are heading into work.  So there always a happy day after,or not.  Where did that come from? My coffee must be too strong this morning.  Maybe I should check the creamer.  I might have grabbed the Baileys by mistake.  Not really, just weird stuff that wonders in and out at times. We all have those moments.  I just like to share them. Then again, it could have been the package and a half of bacon wrapped LiL Smokies smothered and cooked in brown sugar that I ate yesterday.   Almost better than turkey!  Or maybe the tortilla rolls with cream cheese and salsa inside.

We had a real quiet Christmas day.  There was just the two of us.  We just mostly vegged during the day.  Watched some movies, read, ate smokies, napped, ate smokies.  We went across the line into Nebraska on Monday for food, you guessed it-- Smokies--and other decadent things.  We played some Scrabble, did some last minute shopping, you guessed it ---Smokies and bacon, ham and ammo, before Wally World closed for Christmas Eve.   Kids from Nebraska are coming over this evening for Ham Beans and homemade cornbread.  I may just eat myself into oblivion yet.  I probably should go to town and get something for lower GI discomfort.  If not, I may give the dogs a little competition on the SBD's.

Actually I think that is a very good idea.  I will cut this off here and do it.  The temperature is up to 0 degrees from -10 during the night.  Heat wave in the making.

God Bless all--johnnyb


  1. Johnny,

    Oh we had a heat wave this morning -5 degrees!!!
    Waiting for it to cool down a bit, lol
    It sounds like you and the misses had a nice relaxing holiday.

  2. Sounds like a perfect Christmas. Just the way we like it....quiet and in our own time.