Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The sights of fall and other things

These are some pics I took the other afternoon as the shadows were getting long.  The gnarly old elm tree in the backyard has a lot of dead branches, but still provides good shade in the summer.

The next four pics are the view from our front door.

The happy flock waiting for their afternoon snack.

The happy flock after their snack!

The neighbor's happy flock.

Bella and her chewed up frisbee.

The  "guard dogs" kind of on duty on the front perimeter.  Master Sgt. Dinka observing from the rear.  Sgt. Annie on the left and Corporal Bella on the right.

God Bless All--johnnyb


  1. Nothing beats a good watch dog.

    1. except more than one... :)

    2. They don't miss much. If one is out and barks, they all have to go out and bark.

  2. How about posting the same shots after it snows? Nice flock of chickens, by the way.