Sunday, November 18, 2012

Coffee time

Just sitting here having morning coffee and reading the overnight news on the internet.   Coffee is great.  News is not always up-lifting.  Sports about the same.   Football Saturday sucked the big one.  Some of my teams did not fare all that well.  Oh well, that's life in the fast lane.

My typing is a little cumbersome.  One hand and one finger.  Then as I am typing along, I discover that having one hand bandaged does not really impair my typing ability.  Like I said, a little cumbersome and thank God for spellcheck!

Pheasant season opened here a week ago.  The bird population has been depleted by the drought, so hunting has been a little disappointing.  I don't hunt anymore. Actually I never did hunt pheasants much. Never cared for the meat all that much.  Mostly just deer hunting.  Haven't even done any of that for about ten years.  Our friend from Colorado is here this weekend with his boys doing a little hunting.  He had a successful elk season out there and brought us some meat.  Elk is very good.  His was a younger one, so it should be all the better.

We had Thanksgiving with my side of the family yesterday.  Always good to get together with everybody.  My daughter came on Friday, so we got to spend a little time.  The son had to work.
Carol's family will be here on Thursday.  Hope the weather holds.  Always nice for people to be able to go outdoors.  Might do a little shooting if weather permits. 

Time to go.  I see the chickens have upset their water pan, so they must be trying make a point.  It is also time for their morning feeding.  They would rather have their afternoon snack, but won't eat their regular feed if they get the snack now.  They are molting now, so we have been giving them a higher protein snack (dry cat food) later in the day.  They are like kids going after candy.  We have regular feed out for them all the time, so I know they are not starving!  They just like something different.  This summer I thought I would be smart and mix some rolled corn in with their feed as an additive.  Wrong!!!  They just slung all the regular feed out on the ground to go after the corn.  So now they are fed their snacks separate.  Live and learn.  They just about have me trained.  We get anywhere from 8-15 eggs daily from 16 hens.  Not too bad.  Carol has been using some to make home-made noodles lately and freezing them. She has also canned some beef and chicken.  Will make a nice meal on a cold, snowy day (if we ever get any snow) this winter.  We would gladly share eggs with everybody, but shipping would be a problem.  I don't thinks the eggs would survive the daily USPS, "see how far we can kick this box" game!

Thought for the day--"Six out of seven Dwarfs ain't happy"!

God Bless all--johnnyb


  1. I'm so far behind in my reading. Sorry about your ring finger. I enjoy your very quiet notes, John. Hey, I'd love a dozen North Kansas eggs...but you're correct they'd never arrive whole. Take care, my friend.

  2. Thanks and you are right about the eggs. But there is nothing better than farm fresh eggs from chickens that are not fed any ugly things.

  3. I agree on the coffee and the news. That is how I spend my mornings, catching up. Hope the finger is healing well.