Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Morning

 Good morning and welcome to new follower BadgerMedic.  Thanks for stopping by.  Comments will be answered, usually in a timely fashion.

Not much new in our little part of the world.  Temperatures have been respectable for this time of year.  There is a cold front moving through today that will drop the high temps into the 40's and 50's.  For this time of year that is something.  Usually a cold front means 20's and 30's or worse.  Still no moisture.  It doesn't take much wind to stir up a dust storm.  I know,  it is the "global warming" that is causing everything.  That and too much flatulence among the cattle population.  What are we going to do!  There was time when millions of buffalo roamed the prairies.  I don't know much about the buffalo, but I would assume that they would be prone to an occasional fart or two from eating the rich grass of the tall prairies.  Of course the only tree-huggers of the time would have been a grizzled old mountain man hugged up around a tree to try to get some relief from the harsh and sometimes brutal blizzards that strike the country.  What do I know!  Only stating common sense, and uneducated guesses.  Who would I be to challenge the great minds of those "in the know"!

I don't know what brought that on.  Must have been something I read.  I must quit reading these things.  Not good for my blood pressure.  That brings up another topic.  Doctor decided my B/P was too high.  Actually there wasn't too much deciding to it.  It was too high.  Changed my medicine, so we will see how it goes.  I probably should cut back on the caffeine a little.  Lose a little weight.  All that good stuff.  Really!   Life without caffeine and good food.  Can a person really survive like that?  Just being obnoxious here.  I really should cut back a little.  I just love food.  I will eat about anything except fried grasshoppers and crickets!  Just never been that hungry yet.  The day may come, but not yet.

Ok, enough of this interesting stuff.  I need to do something constructive like feed and water the chickens before they go on strike.

God Bless all--johnnyb




  1. You aren't drinking any green tea either are you?

    1. Rather drink coffee. Green tea is not good for blood pressure.

    2. exactly ! I used it with Kymber's tea concoction for a week or so and my heart skipped beats for a week after I quit using green tea and started using water.

  2. I'm with you, don't know if I could give up coffee!

  3. Replies
    1. You are more than welcome. Do you have a blog?