Tuesday, October 9, 2012


What an interesting title!  I am sure that it just really tweaks a person's imagination.  Unless you live in another part of the world,  you would already know it was Tuesday, or at least I hope so.  So you ask yourself, "Self, what could he be writing about that would have such a novel title?"  Well, I hope that maybe I can provide a little insight to that question.  Actually I really don't have a whole lot of wild and wooly things to talk about.  I do have one thought.  Let me re-phrase that!  I have a thought.  Tuesday, to some,  might have a special meaning.  It does to me.  Mainly, the fact that I woke up breathing this morning has a sort of importance to me.  Other thing of importance might be that today is the tomorrow that I put off doing something yesterday.  Today will probably the day that I put off doing something until tomorrow that I had planned on doing today, like burning some trash.  The wind is blowing gale force today, so burning is out.  I may put some of the thistles out and let them blow south at 40 MPH!

Tuesday could be important in the way of birthdays, anniversaries or such things.  I guess everyday has to have some importance to somebody.  We need to be thankful for everyday.   Wow,  I have made a complete circle and convinced myself that the title "Tuesday"  may be an eye-catcher to someone.  I'm sorry that I didn't have anything earth-shattering to say, but you never know.  It could have been something that just changed the world.  (That's a laugh!)

God Bless All-johnnyb

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