Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween morning moon

 Happy Halloween to all.  When there were still  munchkins  around the house, this was one of my favorite days of the year.  It was always just fun.  I never did relate anything bad with the day.  None of the occult, witchcraft, etc.  It is what you want to make of it.  We always made costumes for the kids.  Made it more personal that way. 

I grew up on a farm and went to a one-room country school.  We always had a school program on Halloween, complete with all the fun games, dunking for apples,  prizes for the best costume.  And then a big bonfire, with a hot dog roast and marshmallows,(no  s-mores back then).  It was always a big deal.  The whole community would be there,  so it was a big trick or treat event. 

The weather has been good this week.  Last week was cold.  This week Indian summer.  Still no moisture and none forecast in the near future.  Too bad the moisture from Sandy couldn't be spread out.  I am sure they would be willing to share some of it!  Our prayers go out to all that have been touched by the storm.

Enough for now.  God Bless All--johnnyb

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