Saturday, October 6, 2012


Just sitting here drinking my morning coffee, reading the posts from my friends in bloggerville, watching snowflakes fall, and thinking about this post.  My mind is actually kind of blank (not a good description ),  maybe I should say it is wandering aimlessly in the world of no conscious thoughts.  Nothing really new to write about, so why take the time.  Then, lo and behold, a thought did actually materialize.  I don't need anything to talk about.   The important thing, in my opinion,  is the maintaining of a  line of communication.   There may be a time where this may not be possible. It is not so much of a point of what we say, but that we are letting  everyone know that we are still out here and that we are ok or not okay.  I go through my blog list everyday if possible.  The one thing I don't always do is take the time to comment on some of the important issues I read about.  I may look and see there is already 30 comments, and will my comment just be lost in a sea of others, or it is a couple of days down the road.  I apologize for this.  This should not matter.  I will try to do more in the future.  It is always easier to do in the wintertime, but that is just a lame excuse on my part.  I value all the friends that I have made in this electronic age that we live in, and want to continue on that.   I guess my point is, and and I only have my finger pointed in my direction,  if it is no more than a hello, how are you, I will try to do a better job of it.

I really don't know where this all came from, but I sometimes feel guilty when I don't post for a while.  Oh well, just thinking.  And that is scary!!!!  Once again I am not pointing my finger at anyone, but myself.



  1. johnnyb - i think this is a great post only because i relate to it so well. i never imagined meeting and making so many friends from a blog?!?!? but that is what has happened and for that i am very thankful (and it's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and i am adding all of my blog friends when i give thanks in my prayers before each dinner - we are invited to 2 others!). anyway, i try to leave as many comments as possible, but some days you just don't have time. and it being harvest time, i haven't been posting as often either. but i will get back to it after this weekend is over.

    this was a really nice post to read. thank you. your friend,

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have had a good Thanksgiving weekend.